The ZapperBased on the research of Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.

This product has been discontinued by Sota Instruments and is no longer available
Please see the HULDA CLARK Super Zapper Deluxe - Click Here -
The new Sota Zapper is the most advanced instrument available in its price range and features Six output modes with automatic timers (see below). Full instructions regarding the use and benefits of The Zapper can be found in the book - The Cure for All Diseases - by Dr. Hulda Clark. This book is available at most local Health Food Stores. The Zapper has a new DIN jack for plugging in the cord for the two wristband electrodes.  The connector cord is about 4 feet long, is very flexible and has two snap-on clips to attach to the wristbands.

 A Yellow Led light indicates when the wristband electrodes have made proper skin contact and a Red Led light indicates a low battery condition.   Zapper program number 1 is Dr. Hulda Clark's recommended program and there are six additional output programs to experiment with.  The zapper is filled with custom features including a constant voltage output at 12 volts and a positive offset squarewave that produces a broad range of harmonic frequencies.  Choice of frequency selections includes 30,000 Hz., 2,500 Hz., 1,000 Hz. and 728 Hz.  Each of these settings will also produce its own set of harmonic frequencies.  For example, Ed Skilling, inventor of the Photon Sound Beam, has long considered 728 Hz. to be a "universal" healing frequency.

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