Ultrasound Rife Frequency Generator

by Gary Wade

The Ultrasound Generator is designed and produced by Physicist and Subtle Energy researcher, Gary Wade.  Mr. Wade is an internationally recognized authority on Vibrational Energy Technology and has lectured and written extensively on the subject.  He has appeared on numerous radio programs and at various alternative health expos over the years.  Gary also served as the science advisor to the National Health Federation for many years.  This instrument advances the work of early 20th Century vibrational energy researchers in very important ways: (1)  It is designed to produce broad-band low intensity ultrasound waves in the range from 20,000 cycles per second to several tens of millions of cycles per second. (2)  During the timed 45 minute cycle, the unit is scanning a wide range of ultrasound frequencies simultaneously, with no need to "dial in" individual frequencies. As the timed cycle progresses, the simultaneously produced ultrasound frequencies generally drift upward  to higher and higher frequency values.  By the end of the 45 minute cycle, the unit has cycled through ultrasound frequencies that effectively cover from 20,000 cycles per second to tens of millions cycles per second.

What is the significance of producing broad-band, low-intensity Ultrasound Waves?

Historical research in vibrational energy instruments dating from the 1920's and 1930's, suggests that apparently every microbe (single-cell organism, bacteria, fungus and virus) has at least one ultrasound frequency which can neutralize the microbe very easily. 

According to Gary's research, when the energies from a Frequency Generator touch the body ( whether they apply their frequencies through pulsating light, copper rods, or stick-on electrodes) they become translated from light pulses or electrical pulses INTO ultrasound waves.  These waves then travel throughout the body and when the energies resonate with the wavelength of a compatible pathogen, they tend to neutralize or disrupt the activity of that pathogen.

In Mr. Wade's modern low-intensity broadband ultrasound instrument, the ultrasound frequencies are transmitted Directly to the subject by means of a hand-held rectangular applicator that is applied onto the bare skin.  It is connected to the base unit by a length of cable. The applicator (transducer) contains a piezo-electric wafer that rapidly expands and contracts as the applied voltage rises and falls, thus producing the ultrasound waves. The question remains whether or not a particular microbe at a particular location receives the required combination of frequency, adequate intensity and the requisite exposure time to neutralize it.  Naturally, the entire process is much more compex than this brief description allows.  In any case, this method of applying broad band ultrasound is considered much more efficient and effective than alternative approaches such as those using Surface Electrodes, Copper Footplates or hand-held Copper Rods to transfer electrical pulsed frequencies into the body. 

Why Gary Wade's Ultrasound Rife Generator is Superior to Computerized Hand-Held Electrode or Pad Units

Today there are many so called Rife machines on the market manufactured by mainly small mom and pop size companies or individuals. Most of these Rife machines are voltage square wave producers that supply a constant voltage amplitude of opposite polarity (positive/negative) to two hand held electrodes or pads. The voltage polarity is reversed between the two electrodes or pads at some constant rate of reversals per second.

Each disease condition and/or microbe associated with a particular disease or condition has one or more specific polarity reversal rates per second that disable it or kill it. One of the main effects of this polarity reversal at a constant rate is to produce mechanical vibrations (sound/ultrasound) in the patient of the same frequency as the polarity reversal rate. It also produces vibrations equal to odd multiples of the polarity reversal rate (frequency). If the main frequency of vibration or one of the odd multiples equals or is close enough to one of the vibration frequencies that kill the microbe, then the microbe can be killed by this method.

The fundamental point to understand is that every microbe that Rife worked with had at least one frequency of mechanical vibration (sound/ultrasound) that killed it very easily using very low intensity sound/ultrasound.

Today, there are fairly large lists of so-called Rife frequencies available that have been used by various voltage square wave devices which have been moderately successful in treating a long list of conditions. However, these are not in general the frequencies Rife used in destroying the microbes he worked with. There are many conditions for which these frequencies are not very effective! And, there are many conditions for which no frequencies are known at all!

To overcome these shortcomings an ultrasound generation device was needed that would slowly "scan" through as much of the frequency range that Rife was known to work with as possible. The actual frequency range that Rife worked through is not really known. However, it is believed to be up to at least forty megahertz, (forty million cycles per second). By using various voltage wave form patterns applied to a piezoelectric element, it is possible to produce complex harmonic patterns (frequency sets) of ultrasound. By slowly changing the frequencies of the voltage wave form patterns, the complex harmonic frequency patterns of ultrasound produced by the piezoelectric element can be slowly varied!

In other words, by the "proper" choice of voltage wave form scanning patterns applied to a piezoelectric transducer element, the entire range of ultrasound used by Rife in his research can be generated!! If you do not know the frequency of the ultrasound that kills the microbe it does not matter as long as you can "scan" through that ultrasound frequency at a slow enough rate and at some minimum intensity to do the job of killing/disabling that microbe! Put simply; it is efficient and easy for anyone to use!

Professional Ultrasound Generator Model 10-B

The Ultrasound Generator Model 10-B is our Professional Model that enables the operator to select individual frequencies.  In this configuration, the Ultrasound Generator is interfaced with a frequency function generator (not included with purchase).  This version is available for medical professionals who wish to extend the capabilities of the regular model 10-A and who are equipped to assist patients with potential healing reactions that can arise from concentrating on single frequencies for an entire session.

CAUTION - this unit produces ultrasound frequencies which tend to dissolve blood clots.  Therefore, the unit should not be used in the following circumstances: (1) within several weeks of good healing after major or minor surgery, (2) on anyone with a condition of phlebitis, (3) on anyone who has suffered a stroke caused by an artery rupturing in the brain and (4) if pregnant or suspected of being pregnant.

Disclaimer: Gary Wade Ultrasound Rife Generator is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

Ultrasound Frequency  Generator 10-A  $1,720.00
Ultrasound Frequency Generator 10-B  $2,120.00


Read Gary Wade's complete research on vibrational energy theory, etc. at this website:


Note - No Medical Claims are made or implied for this instrument.  It is intended only for academic, educational and research purposes to study the effects of pulsed electronic frequencies and their harmonic content.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, prevention, treatment or mitigation of any medical condition or disease.  All medical conditions or illness must be diagnosed and treated by a licensed medical doctor.

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