Vitamag is a Pulsed Magnetic Field generator that reproduces the natural harmonic frequencies of the Earth and Atmosphere.  This form of Bioresonance therapy, when used daily, helps the body to defend itself from the damaging effects of electromagnetic pollution, general stress, pain, and other negative influences that work against overall health and well-being.  Vitamag is made in Germany, which is the recognized world leader in magnetic field therapy research and instrumentation.  Hundreds of scientific studies at major universities have now validated the numerous health benefits from daily use of pulsed magnetic field therapy.  Vitamag may be worn continuously, 24 hours a day for weeks at a time.  A great advantage of Vitamag is the absence of negative side effects from prolonged use.  Furthermore, pulsed magnetic field therapy does not create any dependency upon the instrument.Vitamag Unit - 65k

Benefits of Vitamag :

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