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U.S. Patent 5,188,738    Dr. Kaali,188,738.WKU.&OS=PN/5,188,738&RS=PN/5,188,738
Description: Alternating current supplied electrically conductive method and system for treatment of blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric forces . Note: this is not an active link.  Please copy and paste into your browser search window.  This patent is the basis for the Dr. Bob Beck / Sota Silver Pulser.

Pulsed Magnetic Fields  - in the strength of 0.04 to 50 Tesla in order to decontaminate foods.  Some of the field strengths happen to be within the range of the MPG-5 Magnetic Pulser (up to about 4 Tesla) Very interesting! Document Description -  Kinetics of Microbial Inactivation for Alternative Food Processing Technologies Oscillating Magnetic Fields Note: this is not an active link.  Please copy and paste into your browser search window. 

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David Williams, M.D. -   -   monthly alternative health newsletter, health products and supplements
Jonathan Wright, M.D. - - Tahoma clinic in Kent, Washington.  Medical clinic and product ordering
Jonathan Wright, M.D. - - monthly alternative health newsletter.  Back issues on-line for subscribers
Julian Whitaker, M.D. - - monthly alternative health newsletter, medical clinic and product ordering
Life Extension Foundation - - monthly magazine, on-line medical treatment protocols, supplements, smart drugs and much more
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients -

Jeff Rense - Sightings - - Great information source for leading edge thought and events in Alternative Health, Politics, Advanced science 
research and much more. 

First Aid Remedies: 

* Stop Bleeding - stop bleeding cuts & injuries with BLEED-X  within 30 to 60 seconds -
* Burns, Wounds, Ulcerations  - Fast  healing using Honey. (Manuka Honey is very good).  Make a gauze compress of honey over burn.  Change as needed. Faster healing & minimal scarring.  Complete article in Dr. David Williams - Alternatives - health newsletter.  Jan. 2004 - Vol. 10. No.7.  Available by subscription only.  Back issues available.

Life Extension Foundation - - LEF calls itself the world's largest organization dedicated to scientific methods to slow and reverse aging.  A great alternative health resource  Site. Includes numerous treatment protocols for health conditions and a large store of supplements, anti-aging formulas, smart drugs and more.

Macular Degeneration - treatment with micro-current TENS -
Cataract Prevention & Reversal -  with N-Acetylcarnosine - said to prevent & even reverse cataracts.  Suppliers: product brand name Can-C eye drops  - available from or at  Research Article:

Oxygen Therapies - directory of Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers -

Ozone Therapies - Ed McCabe -

Rife.Org-Royal Rife Information website - 

Smart Drugs Offshore Pharmacy - - U.K. supplier of Smart Drugs and Anti-Aging Formulas

Supplements, Research & Natural Therapies  - when calling these suppliers, please be sensitive to their situations in regard to their products and
Do not ask them if their product will cure your cancer or other disease.  Do your research and then make your purchase decision.

Listed by condition.  This is not an endorsement of any particular product or company.  Some product listings may be exclusive to just one company.  In other cases, a quick web-search may find alternative suppliers for your favorite product.  This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. Do your own research and consult with your medical practitioner when adding to, reducing or discontinuing any prescription medications.  Products are referenced in terms of the condition they support.  By compiling this list, we are not stating or implying that any listed product is a cure, treatment or prevention for any disease or condition.  Individual links may be expired.  In that case, try a web search under the product name for alternative suppliers.

Alzheimers and Brain Health - protecting the brain against normal age-related decline, alzheimers, dementia, etc.  While there are no known cures for these conditions.  A number of nutrients & supplements have shown to produce improvements over a wide range of cognitive functioning and can even slow down (sometimes dramatically) various measures of mental deterioration.  Alzheimers and Dementia Patients need to work with an experienced, licensed medical practitioner for proper diagnosis, testing, treatment, dosages, possible drug interactions and follow-up evaluations.  The items below are only a simple list.  Please do your own research or consult a medical professional to determine the proper dosages and combining of various supplements.
The items listed are presented in a randomized order and not in any particular order of importance or effectiveness

* Turmeric - powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant. In recent animal studies at the University of California, the Amyloid Plaques, like those found in Alzheimers patients were reduced by more than 40 percent in animals given Curcumin (a compound found in Turmeric). Inflammation and free-radical damage was also reduced.
* Lecithin - supports health brain and liver function and increases blood levels of choline, which the body uses to make acetylcholine.
* Alpha Lipoic Acid - anti-oxidant, fat & water soluble - may help slow down the advance of neuro-degenerative diseases.  In a recent study, Alzheimers patients given 600mg. ALA daily for a period of 1 year were found to have stabilized cognitive function with no additional loss.  ALA is non-toxic & found in health food stores. (ref. - Arch Gerontol Geriatr 01:32:275-282)
* Huperzine A (also known as Chinese Club Moss) - improves memory & learning. Neuro-protective activity
* Ginko Biloba - increases cerebral blood flow and oxygenation, helping memory
* Acetyl-L-Carnitine - preserves verbal abilities, verbal memory and logical intelligence
* Vinpocetine - similar to Ginko - increases cerebral blood flow and oxygenation
* Lithium Orotate - (or Lithium Aspartate) protects brain cells against toxic elements . Helps mental and mood disorders, restores normal brain function damaged by alcohol. Supplier & more information - Dr. Jonathan Wright's Tahoma Clinic at -
* Phosphatidylserine (PS) - essential fatty acid keeps brain cell membranes fluid & pliant.  Improves memory. Dosages of 100 milligrams 3 times daily
* Malic Acid - is a heavy metal chelator that removes aluminum from the brain.  500 milligrams 3 times daily for no longer than 3 weeks.
* Cilantro - common herb found in produce section of supermarkets.  Has been shown to remove heavy metal toxins from the body & brain.  1/2 cup chopped cilantro daily for several weeks.
* Galantamine - daffodil flower extract - extends the activity of acetylcholine.  Dramatically improves cognitive abilities in Alzheimers patients. Proven results from dozens of Human medical trials including Double-Blind Placebo groups. Available as a natural supplement, or as an FDA approved prescription under brand name - Reminyl  -by Janssen Pharmaceutica.  Ask your doctor about this.  Has some minor side effects. Available in natural supplement form called - GalantaMind - from Life Enhancement Products - (800) 543-3873 -  The ideal dosage as used in medical studes was 24 mg. day.  Length of  patient trials was 3 to 6 months.
* Padma Basic - an Auyervedic Indian herbal formula that dramatically improves cerebral circulation and gradually dissolves blockages in capillaries, veins & arteries - Supplier - EcoNugenics (800) 308-5518 0r

Arthritis - there are numerous herbs that act as COX-2 Inhibitors and there are a number of good formulas that incorporate these herbs.
Joint Advantage - from Mountain Home  Nutritionals - formulated by Dr. David Williams (great monthly newsletter of natural remedies). Contains Australian herbs used for
centuries by aboriginal people in treating arthritis.  More info. on website.  Supplier - /  Tel. 1-800-8881415
Zyflamend -  by New Chapter - herbal formula with Ten herbs that are natural COX-2 Inhibitors, Anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants (Rosemary, Turmeric, Ginger, Holy Basil, Green Tea, 
Hu Zhang, Chinese Goldthread, Barberry, Oregano, Baikal Skullcap)  Supplier - New Chapter - /  Tel. 1- 800-543-7279

Yamoa Powder -  from the bark of an African tree. Anecdotal reports claim high rate of effectiveness  Supplier -
Oralmat - from Australia.  Natural herbal product with no side effects derived from Ryegrass.  Medical trials are underway in Australia. Anecdotal patient reports claim the product is so effective that asthma sufferers can greatly reduce or even eliminate normal asthma medication / inhalers. Adults get significant relief after 3 to 4 weeks and children respond much faster. 
Supplier - Advanced Nutritional Products - Gaithersburg, MD. (800-232-3536)  Internet -
Supplier - Allergy Research Group - Alameda, CA. (800-545-9960)  Internet -

Oralmat is said to produce broad-spectrum results for numerous conditions including:

* Chronic fatigue - symptoms abate within 7 to 10 days
* MS patients - dramatic reduction in fatigue & fewer relapses
* Cold and Flu - symptoms said to disappear within HOURS of administration.
* Hayfever and Allergic Rhinitis - rapid improvement, even within MINUTES of use.
* Sinus Headaches - rapid drainage of congested sinus passages relieves headaches

Bladder Infection / Urinary Tract Infection - D-Mannose - is a simple type of sugar that sticks to the E-Coli bacteria that causes common bladder infections. This prevents the bacteria
from sticking to the tissues of the bladder & urinary tract, so they are simply flushed out of the body with the urine.  No anti-biotic side effects.  Does not affect the friendly bacteria in the
colon.  Supplier -

Blood Pressure - there are many ways to lower high blood pressure including regular moderate exercise, high fiber-low-fat diet, bio-feedback, reducing alcohol and tobacco & other lifestyle changes to lower stress. Supplements that can help to lower blood pressure include: Garlic, CoQ10, Nattokinase, Hawthorn, Omega 3 fish oil, Magnesium, Potassium, L-Arginine

Chronic Fatigue
Oralmat - symptoms said to abate within 7 to 10 days.  Supplier - Advanced Nutritional Products - (1-800-232-3536)  Internet -

Cholesterol Lowering Formulas

Pharmaceutical cholesterol-lowering medicines (Statins) reduce the vital CoQ10 enzyme in the body.  This is the basis for recent news reports of deaths and muscle weakness, etc from these drugs.  The natural supplements listed below are not known to cause this problem, but it is always best to add a good quality CoQ10 Gel-cap to your supplementation in order to avoid any such possibility.  Do not take the dry, powder form of CoQ10 as that is poorly absorbed by the body.

Reductochol - Red Yeast Rice -
ProFibe Powder - (grapefruit pectin) -
Gugulipid Herb-
Policosanol - from sugar cane - some sources are not effective - buy from -

Cancer Research, Therapies, Formulas & Supplements - the information below is given for research purposes only.  We do not make any recommendations

AMAS Cancer diagnostic test - Oncolab - - a mail-order blood test that detects the specific antibody present in many types of cancer.  Claims 98 percent accuracy rate and earliest cancer detection.  No biopsy involved.  Tel. 617-536-0850.  Call for address of clinics and doctors in your area familiar with the test.

Natural Immune Sytem Boosters and Anti-Oxidants:  the supplements listed below are offered for research purposes.  They are not given as medical advice

AHCC Immpower - by American Biosciences - increases Natural Killer cell activity.  Details at -
Alpha Lipoic Acid - powerful anti-oxidant.  Helps recycle & regenerate other anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and E. ALA is a universal antioxidant that works for the entire body.
Artemisinin - for supporting healthy immune system and more -  Another source is Nutricology at (800-545-9960). 
Beta Glucan / Cell Forte -  immune system boosters. Read more at -
CLA - conjugated linoleic acid - a form of Omega 6 fatty acid (found in high levels in organic dairy, red meat) available in capsule form - get Tonalin Brand of CLA - has been shown
to inhibit growth of breast cancer and inhibit tumor growth and metastasis in existing cancers.  Generally recommended dosage is 3 grams a day (3 or 4 capsules).
CoQ-10 - use capsules or product called Q-Melt that is mixed with oil.  Dry, powdered version of CoQ-10 is not very effective - CoQ-10 is a cellular energizer that is very protective for
the heart and other organs.  Breast Cancer - some studies have shown partial or complete regression of breast cancer tumors with daily dosages around 300 to 400 mg.
Flax Seed (freshly ground) or Flax Oil & Yogurt  - protocol developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig of Germany - Read her information in the book by William L. Fischer - How to Fight Cancer & Win. by Fischer Publishing Corporation. Library ISBN Number - 0-915421-18-6. Flax seed has shown to reduce breast tumors in animal studies.
Glutathione - powerful antioxidant and detoxifier - more info. at -
IP-6 - inositol hexaphosphate -  Research and Supplier source -
Lithium for Increasing White Blood Cell Count -  increases white blood cell counts to normal levels in chemotherapy and radiation patients (even if the person continues those treatments). 
Lithium achieves these effects by stimulating the stem cells in bone marrow, which then turn into platelets and white blood cells. Doses of lithium (5-10 milligrams twice daily) will also usually raise a low count to normal even in non-cancer patients.  For cancer treatment patients - be certain to use this method only in cooperation with your doctor.
N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) - supplement that increases Glutathione levels & is less expensive than taking Glutahione.  Whey Protien supplement powders increase Glutathione levels
Paw Paw - do not take Paw Paw without doing your research. Paw Paw is not a regular nutritional supplement intended for long-term use -
Transfer Factor - by 4Life - increases NK Killer Cell activity -  Manufacturer website - . Research & Purchase -
Turmeric - this common Indian cooking spice is a powerful immune-boosting, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. When combined with bioflavenoids, Curcumin ( a compound found in Turmeric) was shown to inhibit the growth of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cells by up to 95 percent. Citation - (Environ Health Perspect 98;106(12): pp. 807-12
Vitamin C /  Echinachea - there are volumes of research studies on vitamin C.  Do a simple web search for Vitamin C research

Brain Cancer Treatment - Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski Clinic - medical breakthrough in Brain Tumor treatment in FDA supervised trials of Anti-neoplaston therapy - No Radiation, No Chemotherapy, Non-toxic therapy that is proven at least 7 times more successful than mainstream approaches.

Body Oxygen - according to medical studies this formula increases mitochondria by up to 25 percent. This unique formulation combines yeast cells, fruite juices, amino acids and certain vitamins that stimulate mitochondrial activity. According to the research of Dr. Siegfried Wolz, the German physician who developed Body Oxygen.  Mitochondria are cell organelles (literally; organs of the cell) that serve as powerplants, processing nutrients and oxygen that feed the cells. But toxins and diseases weaken mitochondria, often reducing cellular efficiency, as we grow older. The results range from the typical signs of aging to chronic and debilitating illnesses. 
Original Dr. Wolz formula -

This claim has been backed up by a European trial that showed Body Oxygen effectively increased cellular respiration (oxygenation) in a study of 20,000 cancer patients. The
author of that study, Dr. Serge Jurasunas, believes that a daily dosage of Body Oxygen may help prevent and treat the disorders caused by decreased mitochondria. 
Body Oxygen supplier at - 

Breast Cancer
Cessiac -  Supplier -
CLA - conjugated linoleic acid - an Omega 6 fatty acid - (found in high levels in organic dairy & range fed red meat) available in capsule form - get Tonalin Brand of CLA - has been shown to inhibit growth of breast cancer and inhibit tumor growth and metastasis in existing cancers.  Generally recommended dosage is 3 grams a day (3 or 4 capsules).
Coenzyme Q10 - some studies have shown positive results in partial or complete regression of breast cancer tumors with 300 to 400 mg. daily.  Most bio-available form
is called QMelt - dissolves in your mouth like a mint.  Available in many health food stores.
DIM - diindolylmethane - (Dim is the concentrated cancer-fighting substance found in cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli ) DIM improves estrogen metabolism by increasing the
level of good estrogens (2-hydroxyestrogen) while reducing the 16-hydroxyestrogen. Supplier - BioResponse - or Indoplex at (800)634-1380
DIM Research - breast cancer, prostate, lung ( diindolylmethane / IC-3) - 
Pectasol - Modified Citrus Pectin - slows the spread of cancer cells (metastasis) in the body - Supplier -
Turmeric - this common Indian cooking spice is a powerful immune-boosting, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. When combined with bioflavenoids, Curcumin ( a compound found in Turmeric) was shown to inhibit the growth of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer cells by up to 95 percent. Citation - (Environ Health Perspect 98;106(12): pp. 807-12

Insulin Potentiation Therapy - medically recognized cancer treatment - Article -
Insulin Potentiation Therapy Cancer Treatment - list of Medical Doctors and Clinics -

Poly MVA - Electrogenetics | Garnett McKeen Laboratory, Inc.| Research News -
Poly MVA - supplier source - - Developed by leading biochemist and pioneering researcher, Dr. Merrill Garnett, Poly-MVA is the first in a new category of supplements called Palladium Lipoic complexes (LaPd). A proprietary blend of palladium, alpha lipoic acid, vitamins B1, B2 and B12, and specific trace minerals and amino acids, Poly-MVA represents a significant breakthrough in supplement formulation. Electrogenetics is the basis for designing medicines that can short circuit the electrical charges in cancer cells and produce their selective electrocution. 

Circulatory System Health, Stroke Prevention 

* Padma Basic - an Auyervedic Indian herbal formula that dramatically improves cerebral circulation and gradually dissolves blockages in capillaries, veins & arteries - Supplier - EcoNugenics (800) 308-5518 0r
* Nattokinase - is an enzyme derived from Natto, a traditional Japanese fermented soy food.  Nattokinase is able to dissolve and prevent blood clots, acting like the body's own Plasmin enzyme that dissolves excess Fibrin.  Nattokinase reduces harmful inflammation, blood clotting and improves overall circulation. Suggested dosage is 100mg daily in divided doses or as prescribed by your doctor.  Supplier - Allergy Research Group - (800)545-9960
Additional supplements for stroke prevention include Vitamin C, Magnesium and Fish Oil (EPA & DHA).  Eating wild Salmon, Sardines, Albacore Tuna are excellent sources of fish oil.

Cold and Flu - Oralmat - cold and flu symptoms said to abate within HOURS of administration.  Sounds too good to be true, but why not give it a try?
Supplier - Advanced Nutritional Products - Gaithersburg, MD. (1-800-232-3536)  Internet -
Cold and Flu -Sambucol - Elderberry extract - said to cut colds or flu recovery time in half.  Get the original formula made in Israel & sold by Nature's Way.  In most health stores.
Cold and Flu - Xlear (pronounced as Clear) - ear, nose, sinus, allergy & other upper respiratory problems. Xlear is a natural sugar (Xylitol) that does not directly kill bacteria, but renders them unable to adhere to cell linings, somewhat like a teflon coating that doesn't allow bacteria to stick.  Comes in spray bottle & available in most health food stores.  The sugar in Xlear is
Xylitol, which is also very beneficial in reducing bacteria involved in tooth decay.  Xylitol is available in 1 or 2 pound packages as a 1 to 1 sugar substitute that is suitable for diabetics (low glycemic index).  It  has a very lively, energetic taste.  It tastes better than sugar and does not have a sickly-sweet type of flavor. Looks, pours and dissolves just like cane sugar

Depression - there are numerous causes for depression.  There are many natural products that can help.  Consult with your doctor before using any of these formulas, especially if you are
presently taking prescription anti-depressants.

Lifelink's 5-HTP Formula -  a Serotonin precurser - Supplier -
Lithium Orotate or Aspartate - a brain anti-aging element.  Used in depression and mood disorders.  Helps rehabilitate the brain in recovering alcoholics. Over the counter supplement found in most health food stores contain small dosage tablets of 5 mg. or so (usually taken 3x per day) Mainstream Lithium Carbonate, prescribed by doctors for bi-polar condition is usually given in doses of up to 300mg. per day.  The small amounts in the health food store brands should not cause any type of side effects.
St. John's Wort
Flax Oil - essential fatty acids
Essential Amino Acids

To help lower blood sugar: 
Gymnema Sylvestre - 400mg. - an Indian herb that effectively lowers blood sugar - Supplier -
Chromium - 400 mcg
Vanadyl sulfate - 100mg
To help protect against diabetic complications in blood vessels, eyes and nerves:
GLA - from evening primrose or borage oil - 1,500mg.
Alpha lipoic acid - 50-200mg.

Eczema - E-TEA - is a special blend of Chinese Herbs in the form of a tea or capsules has shown to be very effective for many individuals.  When drinking the tea, use three cups
per day, one after each meal for the first week.  Then reduce to 2 cups per day following meals.  Then, down to 1 cup per day as improvement continues.  With the capsules, use 1 capsule
twice per day (morning & evening) for 1 or 2 weeks.  Then cut down to 1 capsule per day.  If results are very positive, one can eliminate the tea entirely and see if the condition remains
clear. Naturally, this formula does not work for everyone, but give it two weeks to see if it works.  Supplier - P.C. Teas Co. (800-423-8728) or

Psoriasis - product called - M-Folia - made from extract of mahonia aquifolium (also called Oregon grape) in German trials in 89 dermatology practices, Psoriasis in 81 percent of patients improved or completely disappeared over a period of 12 weeks.  Improvement appears within days.  Supplier - North Star Nutritionals, Frederick, MD.
or Taylor Jackson Health Products in U.K. -

Headache - Migraine - Cluster Headaches 
Lithium orotate - was found to effectively reduce cluster headaches in one study of 19 men - Supplier - Tahoma Clinic -
Petadolex - natural plant extract (from the Butterbur Plant) used in Europe for 25 years, said to reduce migraine frequency by 50 percent and reduce the intensity.  Many suppliers on
the internet - try -

Hayfever & Sinus Headache - Oralmat - rapid relief....sometimes within minutes of use.  Supplier - Advanced Nutritional Products -(800-232-3536)

Herpes - product name - Shegoi Capsules - derived from the American desert Chaparral  bush - said to be 99.7 percent effective in relief of herpes symptoms within 24 hours.  No side
effects reported.  The toxic compounds in chaparral have been removed from this preparation.  Supplier - LarreaRX, Inc. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Tel. (604)899-7977

Intermittent Claudication - Padma Basic - contains 19 herbs for support of the circulatory system.  Formulated over 2,000 years ago in India.  Can require 3 months to see results.
Consult with your doctor before taking Padma if you are already on prescription drugs like Pentoxifylline.
Supplier -

Lyme disease - taken from Dr. David Williams - Alternatives - newsletter. Dec. 2004 / Vol.10, No.18 - Lyme disease caused by a spirochete, corkscrew-shaped bacterium called
Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb). Testing: Western Blot test - is most widely used. Q-RIBb test is newer, highly accurate and can provide results within 20 minutes.

Treatment: - conventional treatment is with antibiotics.  There is an herbal treatment that has shown more effective than antibiotics.  This is a special form of Cat's Claw under the brand name of Samento by Nutra Medics - (800-730-3130). Another source is from - Nutricology - (800-545-9960).  Their product is called Prima Una de Gato. NOTE: these are special preparations of Cat's Claw that are devoid chemicals called tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids (TOA) that can negate the positive effects of the herb.  Sometimes Cat's Claw is not enough to do the total job and some doctors are adding an extract of Chinese wormwood called - Artemisinin.  Available from Nutricology at (800-545-9960).  It is important to seek the assistance of a licensed medical practitioner experienced with Lyme Disease when using these herbs. Find a doctor in your area familiar with
Lyme Disease - 888-366-6611.  Lyme Disease Information -

Liver Health 

* Milk Thistle - (70 percent extract of silymarin) - powerful liver herb.  Improved liver function & enzyme activity restored often in as little as 2 to 4 weeks.  Usual dosages 150  - 300 mg. taken 3 times daily or longer as directed by a physician.  No toxicity problems & only some minor possible side-effects.
* Flax seed (ground ) or oil - essential fatty acids
* Alpha Lipoic Acid

Mole - Wart - Skin Tag Removal - with DermaTend - - this reddish colored paste is applied daily. It penetrates the growth, creating a scab that falls off within a week or two, taking the skin tag, wart or mole along with it.  Does not discolor or pit the skin.

Osteoarthritis - Myristin - ( Cetyl Myristoleate ) - claims up to 88 percent effectiveness and long lasting results (even for years at a time) after just 17 days of use.
Supplier -

Probiotics - most probiotics are destroyed by stomach acid and never reach the large intestine.  A recently developed encapsulation method protects Acidophilus in small beadlets.  Each
beadlet contains approximately 1 billion bacteria.  Has a shelf life at room temperature of 18 months.  Sold in many health food stores under name brand - BioBeads - from Natrol. 
Another brand using the same process is called - Acidophilus Pearls - from - Enzymatic Therapy - in health food stores or 

Prostate Formulas 

Aminocare A10 - by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski  -
DIM = Diindlylmethane - (Dim is the concentrated cancer-fighting substance found in cauliflower, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli )  see above ref. for more info.
HP-8 - (featured in Dr. David Williams - Alternatives - Newsletter - June 2003) - American Bio-Sciences -
Pectasol - Modified Citrus Pectin -

Rosacea - is a chronic skin condition with a connection to the ulcer-causing bacteria, Helicobacter. There may be an association between Helicobacter eradication and improvement of rosacea. In fact, in many cases, eliminating Helicobacter has resulted in complete recovery from this stubborn skin disorder.

Ulcers - Zinc Carnosine - (combination of zinc and amino acid derivative L-carnosine) inhibits the bacteria Heliobacter pylori - that causes ulcers.  Heals ulcers by strengthening the mucosal
tissue and prevents further lesions with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Source: a good brand name is PepZin, sold in GNC stores.  Dosage: 75-150 mg. daily for two to
eight weeks for maximum results.  Another good remedy is Sauerkraut or Cabbage Juice which is full of healing nutrients for the stomach and intestinal tract.  In a Chinese clinical trial involving 400 patients, 15 grams of Rhubarb Powder daily stopped digestive tract bleeding in 95 percent of cases.  Source for Rhubarb Powder: Penn Herb Co. Ltd.  Tel.1-800-523-9971.

Weight Loss
CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) -  is an Omega 6 fatty acid found in range-fed cattle, lamb, and milk products.  CLA triggers FAT loss by increasing metabolism & decreasing
appetite.  CLA also increases muscle mass.  In recent Human studies, body fat was reduced by an amazing 20 percent over a 12 week period with no change in diet or exercise.  CLA is safe
and non-toxic.  Source: must be under brand name of  - TONALIN CLA - found in most health food stores. Dosage: 3,000 mg. per day.  According to animal studies, CLA may also reduce cancer tumor growth & slow the development of breast and prostate cancers.  Other supplements that can improve metabolism, blood sugar levels, including: 
L - Carnitine - is essential to the transportation of long-chain fatty acids into the cells where the fats can be converted to energy. Recent research indicates carnitine plays an important role in converting  stored body fat into energy, energizing the heart, reducing angina attacks, controlling hypoglycemia, and is beneficial with diabetes, liver disease and kidney disease. A more
expensive form of carnitine is Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which is a popular brain supplement.
Green Tea Extract - helps increase metabolism so you burn more calories.  Also a powerful anti-oxidant.  Many brands available in stores today - Green Tea Diet, etc.
Chromium Picolinate - chromium plays an important role in regulating blood sugar level and is therefore useful for people with type-two diabetes. It also has been linked to increasing HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL therefore decreasing overall cholesterol levels. Chromium may also increase fat loss and lean muscle tissue gain.
CoQ10 - a powerful heart nutrient, anti-oxidant and cellular energizer found in high levels in heart tissue and in the Mitochondria of cells where ATP is produced. Can help in weight loss.   More info at - - available in all health food stores.  Use capsules combined with an oil for best assimilation.

Xylitol - a natural fruit and grain sugar - which is also very beneficial in reducing bacteria involved in tooth decay.  Xylitol is available in 1 or 2 pound packages as a 1 to 1 sugar substitute that is suitable for diabetics (low glycemic index).  It  has a very lively, energetic taste.  It tastes better than sugar and does not have that sickly-sweet type of flavor like some artificial sweeteners. Looks, pours and dissolves just like white cane sugar.  Also available in a product called - Xlear - for ear infection, sinus, cold, allergy and upper respiratory problems.  Available in most
health food stores.

Supplement Sources: (you have many favorites, here are some other good suppliers of natural supplements and herbs)

Natural Health Consultants -
Rainforest Herbs - formulas from the Rainforest- large selection of products -
Life Extension Foundation -

U.S. Psychotronics Association -  annual week long convention featuring speakers and presentations on borderland sciences topics.  Electrotherapy, Radionics, Free energy, etc. 
Very interesting group of researchers.