Mega Brain Power

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Cranial Electrical Stimulators and Beck Zappers

The Brain Tuner
by Dr. Bob Beck
Since 1983

Silver Pulser ZBB-5

Bob Beck
 Zapper and
Colloidal Silver Maker

Lifeforce 2000

Frequency alignment
device with wristband

Dr. Hulda Clark Zappers
Mini FG
Frequency Generator

 Hulda Clark Research

Automated and Programmable
functions. Adjustable from 1 to
1 million Hz.

Super Zapper Deluxe

NEW from
Dr. Clark Research
automated or continuous
run modes.  Programmable
with smart keys & drivers

Low Level Laser Therapy
Terra Quant
Low Level Laser

combines true laser with
infrared, Red Led and
static magnetic field output.
Five preset pulsed programs
and 1 programmable entry

Rife and Frequency Generators
Photon Sound Beam VIII Photon Sound Beam VIII

Noble Gas tube Lymph
technology with MWO circuit
Many features - 7 Rife
frequency selections, sweep
function, pulse control, more

Photon Sound Beam Photon Sound Beam

Ed Skilling

Original PSB design with
728 Hz. "Universal" Rife
frequency, argon gas tubes

Ultrasound Rife

by physicist, Gary Wade
low-intensity, broad spectrum
Rife frequencies into high



SEAD 6000 DC

Multi-wave Oscillator
based on Lakhovsky
and Rife technology
features 12 glass tubes
with noble gases

Body Vibes

 Rife generator based on
CD disks.  Rife frequencies
are encoded on CD disks and
delivered to the body by a pair
of  wristband electrodes

Multiwave Oscillator

Broad spectrum radio
harmonics into the
gigahertz.  Balance cellular
energies thru resonance

F-Scan II

Programmable Rife
frequency generator with
pre-programed Hulda Clark
and Rife frequencies. Includes
scanning function to search
for pathogens in body

Consciousness and BioFeedback

Computerized energy reading and balancing

Four models available
AcuScen and Ritm


Intrinsic Data Fields
Analyser and
consciousness interface

Bio-Mirror II

psychotronics / radionic
instrument.  Use to potentize
substances, frequency transfer
much more.  Custom made

Magnetic Therapy

Pulsed Magnetic Field
therapy system from


Bob Beck concept

43,000 Gauss pulsed
magnetic field energy

Bio Medici
Personal EMF Protection

Settings for 100 pulsed
magnetic frequencies
designed by
Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig

Solomon II

Pulsed Magnetic Brainwave
entrainment.  Automatically
enter deep Alpha / Theta
Superlearning & more

Water Technologies - Ozone
Q2 Water Energy Spa

Bio-electric Field Enhancer

Negative ion bath with
to energize and detox

Water Ozonator
200 mg/hr.

Ozonated drinking water.
Many applications. 
Kills germs, bacteria

Micro-Cluster Water
Alkalizer appliance

Produces ionized
alkaline & acid water right
from your tap


3 Models to choose from

Water ozonators

Aerobic Exercise Machines
Stress Buster Stress Buster Deluxe
 model 308 DL

Digital timer, multi-speeds,
far-infrared foot therapy
neck massager, powerful,
quiet motor

Stress Buster
model 305 DL

Four speeds, heated
vibrating foot massage
cushioned footrest
powerful, quiet motor

Chi Swing

Most affordable unit
single speed, 25 watt
quiet motor

Chi Energizer ---->


Multiple speeds,
digital controls, quiet
and smooth operation

Subtle Energy Instruments
Aura Balance Accumulator

Place the ABA under your
bed and sleep immersed in a programmed subtle energy
field of 100's of beneficial
frequencies.  Designed and
made in Switzerland

Wolf Tek Wolf Tek

Miniature Neon tube
bio-energy balancer with
harmonics into gigahertz
frequencies. Better than

Resonance Key

Programmed with over
135,000 homeopathic
resonance patterns

Pointer Plus

locator and stimulator

Light and Sound Technologies
Nova Pro 100

Loaded with features
and easy to use. 100
 preset sessions, computer
interface, two user ready

Inner Pulse & Muse Sharp

New from makers
of the Nova Pro 100
64 sessions, breath and
meditation trainer

Binaural Beat Generator

Small enough to fit on a
keychain, powerful enough
for instant meditation!

Enhanced Sound System

by passes the ears to
deliver sound directly
to the brain with face
contact electrodes

Far Infrared Therapy
Far Infra-Red Mat

Unique patented design
produces NO measureable
electro-magnetic field pollution
Queen size or single size

Far-Infrared Lamps

Table lamp and adjustable
Floor lamp.  Three models

Far Infrared Dome

This portable far infrared sauna slides over your
torso or back, legs, etc. to provide a concentrated
enclosed environment for FIR therapy.  Priced
less than half of MLM counterparts.

Space Capsule
 Complete Spa Experience

a complete relaxation environment providing
far-infrared light, dry suana, steam sauna
heated massage bed, aromatherapy, stereo system
cool ionic breeze and wake-up chime

Clean Air Appliances
Lightning Air
Room Ozonator / Ionizer

Three models for rooms of
2,500 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft.
Kills airborne germs, virus,
mold, bacteria, odors, etc.

Personal Airspace Ionizer

attaches around your neck
an sends a continuous stream
of fresh negative air ions
Great for traveling.

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