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The New Super Zapper Deluxe 2004 by Dr. Clark Research is the recommended instrument for Zapping as described in Dr. Hulda Clark's book - The Cure for all Diseases.  The latest improvements make this the most advanced Zapper available anywhere!  Super Zapper Deluxe runs the standard Hulda Clark zapper program of 30-34 kHz. (7-20, 7-20, 7) , continuous or timed duration zapping and also supports Smart Keys and Program Drivers. (scroll down page for more info). The Smart Key plugs into a jack on the Zapper and is programmed with your choice of any SINGLE frequency from 23 kHz. up to 1 million Hz.  The Program Driver is similar, but it is programmed to continuously sweep a range of frequencies that may contain up to 16 steps linked together.  Program Drivers are designed for more complex conditions than Smart Keys.
A list of frequencies for use with the Smart Key is contained in the back of Dr. Clark's book - The Cure for all Diseases - available at major health food stores.  The NEW Super Zapper Deluxe 2004 can now generate the 1000 Hz. frequency that is needed to run Dr. Clark's Food Zappicator.

The Zapper Kit Includes:

* The Super Zapper Unit
* 2-AA Alkaline Batteries
* Instruction Booklet
* Set of adjustable wristband electrodes
* Pair of Gel electrodes for sensitive skin
* Sturdy plastic carry and storage case
* Smart Keys and Program Drivers are optional items

Super Zapper Deluxe Features:

* LCD Display shows frequency, program steps, voltage, battery charge & remaining time
* Smart Key - run any individual frequency 23 kHz. to 1 MHZ.
* Smart Keys can Wobble around a frequency to create more harmonics
* Program Driver - runs an entire healing program with up to 16 frequency components 
* Generates the 1000 Hz. frequency for the Dr. Clark food zappicator
* Residual voltage of 0.25 volts as per Dr. Hulda Clark
* Over 100 zapping sessions with 2-AA batteries
* Positive-offset square waves with fast rise time for rich harmonics
* Super-stabilized wave remains stable under load
* Super comfortable stretch wrist bands 
* Straight leads for better electrical efficiency
* Voltage adjustment spin wheel up to max. 15 volts
* Special function continuous run duration zap
* Protection against incorrect battery installation 
* Easy to operate controls
* Ultrasound welded case
* Every unit is individually tested for quality control
* Built to International medical device standards

Super Zapper Deluxe $189.00   

Smart Keys and Program Drivers
Optional accessories not included with purchase of a Super Zapper.

Smart keys are $10.00 and Program Drivers are $15.00 plus shipping.  Smart Keys and Program Drivers are ordered and shipped directly from Switzerland for legal reasons.  This will show as a separate billing from your Super Zapper order.  Customers may order a Smart Key and / or Program Driver at the time of initial order of a Zapper or at any later date as a separate purchase.  Individual Smart Keys  may be ordered with any SINGLE Frequency between 23 kHz. up to 1mHz.  A list of frequencies is contained in Dr. Clark's book - The Cure for all Diseases - available at major health food stores. 

Order your Program Drivers and Smart Keys at this  External link

Disclaimer:  the Super Zapper Deluxe is not a medical device.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

Ordering Super Zapper

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