2,000 parts per million Colloidal Silver Concentrate

When you need a super-concentrated high-quality colloidal silver, nothing compares to our 2,000 ppm.
Super Silver Concentrate.  Mix with distilled water using 1 ounce of concentrate to 9 ounces distilled water (or to your preference).  This formulation is extremely stable with a long shelf life.  The Silver Pulser produces 3 to 5 ppm. colloidal silver mixture.  While this is satisfactory for many general applications, there are times when a higher concentration will produce more effective and rapid results.  Do not ingest the undiluted concentrated product.  Basic dosage and usage instructions are included with purchase.  We do not offer any health advice on using this product. Super Silver 2000 is always made fresh to order.  It contains no Silver Protein binders or stabilizers.  Some companies actually use food coloring to impart a yellow color to their colloidal silver.  We do not add any colorings or preservatives. 

Super Silver is Monoatomic (Angstrom size) silver metal suspended in pure water made by a process of high voltage free air arching from pure (fine) silver electrodes into distilled water.  This process imparts a very strong electrical charge to the silver particles to ensure greater effectiveness and active shelf life.

Health Store colloidal silver can cost $20.00 or more for a small 1 ounce bottle.  A 32 ounce bottle of Super Silver 2000 is worth thousands of dollars at retail store prices!

Preparation and Usage:

Super Silver 2000 was formulated to help you deal with serious situations.  At the suggested dilution it is still 200 ppm concentration.  Store bought bottled colloidal silver may be anywhere from 5 ppm to 50 ppm or sometimes higher. There are various colloidal silver generators available on the internet that can make concentrations from 3 ppm and higher.  Everyday preventive use of colloidal silver does not require the concentrated dosage found in our Super Silver 2000.  This would simply be a waste of a powerful remedy.
You can always dilute our product to a weaker concentration for normal or everyday use and save the stronger concentration for emergencies.

 A 1:10 diluted solution can be used as often as 1/2 ounce per hour for 8 consecutive hours during the day.
Retain solution in mouth for about 2 min. before swallowing.  This should be followed with 2 - eight ounce glasses of pure water. A special dilution bottle is included with purchase.  Weaker dilutions can also be effective for many applications.  The above suggestion is for more serious uses and detoxification.

32 ounce bottle - $180.00

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Ordering Super Silver

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