Stress Buster Swing Machine
Stress Buster
Superior Quality at a great price!

This four-speed unit is loaded with all the extra features you want. The gear mechanism is ultra quiet and the back and forth swing motion is super smooth and gentle.  The Stress Buster has a strong 65 watt motor that will support the weight of larger individuals without slowing down, which may occur with other models such as the Swing Master Deluxe . 

The Stress Buster has two 1,500 Gauss  magnets embedded in the footrest platform for a magnetic therapy effect. Finally, this unit incorporates a two speed  vibrating, heated foot massager to soothe your tired feet. 

Compared to other passive aerobic exercisers costing up to $500.00, the Stress Buster is an unbeatable combination of value and superior quality.   This same model sells for $400.00 at some stores such as


*  20 minute adjustable timer
*  Motor - 65 watts, our most powerful
*  Four speed levels - 120 to 170 cycles
*  Weight - 14 pounds
*  Warranty - two years
*  Voltage - 120v. 60 cycles
*  Two - 1500 gauss magnets built into footrest
*  Two speed heated, vibrating foot massage
*  Gear Motion - very smooth motion with no bumping
*  Gear Noise - quietest swing machine we have tested
*  Mechanical Timer - rapid ticking sound while unwinding
*  Footrest platform - comfortable soft rubberized material

Stress Buster -  $189.00

*  $15.00 ground shipping in U.S. $25.00  Hawaii or Canada

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