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The Harmonic Pulser, by Ed Skilling, is a portable, battery operated, broad spectrum frequency generator that advances the concept of the historical Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscillator.  It produces a broad spectrum of harmonic sound frequencies up to the Gigahertz range.  The Harmonic Pulser is an elegant, easy to use vibrational energy tool that eliminates the guesswork involved with selecting the correct individual frequency rates as required by other frequency healing instruments. 

The Harmonic Pulser does not use any hand-held electrodes, foot plates or other cumbersome accessories.  Simply place the front side of the unit over the preferred target area in order to to receive the balancing RF (radio frequency) energies.  There is no physical sensation of the subtle radio-wave energies produced by the Harmonic Pulser.  You will not feel any electrostatic shocks, vibrations, or noise.

Through the use of modern solid state electronics, the Harmonic Pulser is designed to output a series of harmonizing frequencies.  Inventor, Ed Skilling, combined the Lakhovsky MWO concept with a 728 Hz universal healing frequency that modulates a 28.322 MHz Radio-Frequency (RF).  The 728 hz. rate has long been considered as a universal balancing frequency by numerous subtle energy researchers. 

This combination produces a broad band of harmonic frequencies into the Gigahertz range. The Harmonic Pulser can operate from a 12 volt AC wall adapter, (included) a common 9 volt alkaline battery, or a 12 volt DC car cigarette lighter adapter.
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Ed Skilling Interview George Lakhovsky Article
Lakhovsky 1934 Patent Lakhovsky 1944 Patent

How to Use the Harmonic Pulser

The Harmonic Pulser features a built-in RF Planar Antenna situated under the front panel of the plastic enclosure. For maximum RF output, simply place the front panel of the unit towards the intended target area.  The hand held antenna module may be held anywhere on the body to balance the energy of the cells.  There are no "rate charts" or complicated procedures to follow. The power is pulsed at one cycle per second in order to eliminate any accommodation by the nervous system. 

The Harmonic Pulser was formerly called the Sound Magi and it has numerous improvements in materials and performance.  A different version of the RF Sound probe is built into the Photon Sound Beam, as listed in our catalog.  Also, for a full version of MWO technology, see our Multi-wave Oscillator.

This instrument has been used throughout the world since 1990 in its original form and it has never created any reported negative side effects in humans or animals. It produces no electrical shocks or noise...except for the one cycle per second beeping sound that can be picked up on a nearby FM radio.

The Harmonic Pulser broadcasts its output waveform through the air, similar to a radio station. The RF output is only 100 milli-Watts
(like that of a toy Walkie-Talkie 2-Way Radio), but will output over a 100 foot radius.  This makes it the ideal vibrational energy tool for clearing away negative emotional energies and thought forms in meeting rooms, during group meditations, after dealing with negative individuals, etc.

Harmonic Pulser Kit

*  The Harmonic Pulser unit

*   International Wall Adapter - 12 Volt DC @ 1.5Amp.  Use with 110 v. / 60 Hz. up to 220 v. 50Hz.

*  Unit also operates from a standard 9 volt radio battery but this is not included with the instrument

*  3 Year Parts and Labour Warranty on all internally mounted components


28.322 MHz Square-wave (+/- 1%) -  pulse-modulated by 728 Hz (+/- 1%) Square-wave, further modulated by 2 Hz Square-wave. Waveforms  are quartz crystal-controlled for precise frequency output. Microchip-computer waveforms are controlled through a proprietary software routine.

Maximum RF Output - (as measured on a Hewlett-Packard 8558B, 1.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer):  20dBm (100 milli-Watts) @ 28.322 MHz with 15 Volts DC powering the unit.  Measurable to approximately 100 ft. radius.

9-Volt DC Alkaline Battery operation - useful to end voltage ~5.2 Volts. Battery drain: typically ~65mA @ 9 Volts DC with output fully loaded.

Low battery indicator - Low battery circuitry illuminates Red LED light when battery voltage falls below 5.2 Volts.

External Power Option - the Harmonic Pulser can be optionally powered by an external 12 Volt DC source, like an automobile cigarette lighter. Specifications: maximum 15 Volts DC, 2.1mm Centre-Positive Plug, Minimum 250 milli-Amps current. 

Disclaimer: the Harmonic Pulser is not a medical device.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.


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