Solomon II Programs
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Programs Icons are indicated on the LCD Display .
Meditation - Relaxation Program - at 9 Hz. low Alpha

Use alone or combine with your favorite audio, CD or video programs for Super-charged results!


Suggested program time is 60 minutes daily.  Daily meditation has numerous overall benefits for the body and mind.

What Happens: 

* Mind is able to enter a relaxing state associated with Alpha Brainwaves
* Deeper relaxation of body and mind
* Reduces feelings of irritability and emotional tension
* Creates a mental framework of Zen meditation 
* Use with any programs for Remote viewing, Astral projection, Lucid dreaming
* Combine with creative visualization audio tapes for healing, prosperity, etc. 
* Helps to maintain a general sense of well-being and calmness

Peak Performance and Whole-Brain Alpha Learning - 13 Hz. Alpha

Recommended program time is 60 minutes daily.  May be used during actual studying or learning tasks such as reading, watching visual programming or listening to tapes. 

What Happens: 

* Alpha program for whole-brain learning - 13 Hz.
* Synchronisation of left and right brain hemispheres 
* Increased ability to concentrate and focus
* Improved long and short-term memory recall
* Mental blocks resulting from tension, irritability, etc. are reduced 
* Greater creativity for work & study with whole-brain super-learning

Sleeping Program - 4 Hz. Theta


Recommended program time is 30 minutes daily - Best results when used in a quiet, dark location without noise distractions. Most effective when used at your normal bedtime as a sleep-induction aide.

What Happens:

* Sleep program at 4 Hz. in Theta
* Deeper, more restful sleep
* Fewer nocturnal awakenings
* Faster re-entry into sleep
* Reduced mental tension, greater calmness
* Great for traveling & reducing jetlag
* Awake feeling fully rested and energetic

Body & Mind Integration Program - at 15 Hz. Beta


Recommended program time is 15 minutes daily ( Best results when stretching exercises are done after program)

What Happens:

* Increases body/mind awareness
* Increases bodily and mental energy, alertness and concentration
* Improves the general feeling of well-being and centeredness 
* Perfect pick-me-up from over-work, too much studying or computer work, etc.