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Major Functions of Swing Machines
1. Cellular activation

The body is made up of many different types of cells. Cells are like chemical factory's, constantly putting out complex chemical reactions. The cells need oxygen to carry out these reactions otherwise they cease to function.

When you use a Swing Machine - Aerobic Exerciser there are two important physiological reactions which help to activate the cells:
A. The sympathetic nervous system is activated which opens up the bronchioles and thus promotes movement of oxygen into the lungs. B.  Increased blood flow to the lungs, which increases the oxygen exchange and raises blood oxygen levels.  This in turn helps promote cellular metabolism.

2.  Spinal Relaxation

The spine is one of the most important parts of the body. but it is also easily injured. When you have a back injury this can bring about sickness in other parts of the body. Money and time spent on getting spinal treatments can add up to astronomical levels.

Swing Machines - Aerobic Exercisers flex your spine and produce results like those obtained from a traditional massage.
Using the machine can help you keep a healthy spine and straighten some of the kinks and tightness that you may have.

3.  Improving the immune system

Immune system B and T cells are derived from the bone marrow, but T cells undergo a process of maturation in the thymus gland.
B cells give rise to plasma cells which secrete immunoglobulins (antibodies). From the age of 40 in men and 35 in women the thymus begins to shrink leaving the job of globulin production to the bone marrow.

Using a Swing Machine can stimulates the spinal column which in turn produces more globulin.  As globulin levels in the body increase, the body's immune defenses are strengthened and illness is easier to avoid or resist. The side to side spinal movement created by a Swing Machine - Aerobic Exerciser stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and helps to strengthen the blood production capacity of the spine. It can therefore help to improve anemia.

4.  Exercise internal organs and build "Chi"

When you use a Swing Machine - Aerobic Exerciser close your eyes and gently feel the changes in your body.  The gentle sideways movement of the machine swings all of the joints in your spine, giving you a gentle external spinal massage. In the instant when the machine stops, if you pay attention, you will fell a rush of energy beginning at the soles of your feet and going right to the top of your head. This is the internal "Chi" massage.  Seventy percent of the benefit is actually derived after the machine stops running.

When you have this feeling you are receiving the same benefits that you would get if you practiced Chi Gong. By adding external and internal exercise and massage together, your internal organs get the best possible benefits.

5.  Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

In the busy modern world pressure and nervous strain can often result in an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. This can result in stress, neurasthenia, insomnia, excess dreaming, digestive problems and stomach pain, palpitation, anxiety, constipation, general aches and pains and similar " diseases of civilization".

Using a Swing Machine on a regular basis can balance the autonomic nervous system.  If you use it regularly you can slowly improve your resistance to the various "diseases of civilization".

Four Outstanding Characteristics of Swing Machines - Aerobic Excercisers

1.  Full body exercise, with no side effects
The Swing Master Aerobic  Exerciser is a full body exercise system.  Men, women, the elderly and children can all use it.
There are no limits on when, where, or under which climatic conditions you can use it. (if one is recovering from recent surgery
or has any degenerative bone disease or heart disease, please consult your doctor prior to using a Swing Machine).

2.  Lie down to use it.
Only a very slight pressure or stretching of joints, muscles and tendons.  Not a weight bearing exercise.

3.  No injuries
Because you are lying down when you use the exerciser you can't fall down, twist your muscles or get injured in any way.
Your heart rate will not increase, nor will blood pressure, thus providing a safe and effective way for you to exercise.  (if one is recovering from recent surgery or has any degenerative bone disease or heart disease, please consult your doctor prior to using a Swing Machine).

4. Simple and comfortable
Swing Machines are extremely simple and convenient to use.  For people with busy schedules, they provide the easiest way to develop an ongoing exercise habit.

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