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 Silver Pulser Model ZBB5 - combination Colloidal Silver Maker and "Zapper"

The new model ZBB5  Silver Pulser is based upon Dr. Bob Beck's exerimental combination bio-stimulator and colloidal silver generator.   New features include: a) new look, b) built-in Constant-Current Circuit for the Ionic/Colloidal Silver Output, c) Yellow LED Light indicates when the current through the stimulator electrodes is correct, d) special DIN style jack.  The Silver Pulser is sometimes confused with Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper but these two instruments function in different ways, operating under different principles. The Hulda Clark Zapper delivers certain frequencies to the body as its basis of operation, whereas the Silver Pulser is based upon particular levels of voltage and current.

The Silver Pulser is housed in an attractive new custom plastic box, with a built-in compartment for the 9 Volt battery. A slide-off lid allows you to change the battery easily. A Thumbwheel Switch Control Knob turns The Silver Pulser on and off and varies the intensity of the "Bio-Stimulator Probe" output. A Green LED Light comes on when the Silver Pulser is turned on. Flashing Yellow LED light on the unit indicates there is a correct "Bio-Stimulator" output and comes on only when current is flowing. Red LED Light indicates low battery. In addition, an Orange LED light is used for the Ionic-Colloidal Silver generation. The Orange LED Light comes on when current through Silver Wires is correct.

The Silver Pulser has one 6 pin DIN style jack for plugging in the Fine Silver Wires, another for the copper Bio-Stimulator Probes. A second jack is used for hooking up an AC-DC Wall Adaptor so you don't have to go through batteries. We also include Cotton Sleeves to put over the Bio-Stimulator Probes for helping to maintain a good connection when moistened. (Hint: Use a Salt Water solution or a conductive gel for better conductivity!) The Silver Pulser is packaged in a custom soft carrying case for easy storage.

Each Silver Pulser is a professionally designed quality instrument, thoroughly tested on an oscilloscope and is guaranteed to operate as per the specifications in Dr. Bob Beck's research.  The Silver Pulser is a dual-function instrument, being both a Bio-Pulser / Zapper and Ionic Colloidal Silver Generator.  The Silver Pulser generates the finest quality Ionic Colloidal Silver at a rate of 3-5 ppm (part per million) in 20 minutes per 8 to 16 ounces of distilled water, with an Ionic Colloidal Silver particle size that is mostly ions, with colloidal particles in the range of 0.005 - 0.015 microns (Verified on a Scanning Electron Microscope).  It has a Bi-Phasic output frequency of ~3.92 Hertz (cycles per second) at a nominal voltage of 33 volts DC peak per cycle.   Peak to peak voltage is 66 volts. Unit uses a single 9-volt battery. 

Supersilver 2000

When you need a concentrated high-quality colloidal silver
try our Supersilver 2000 at a concentration of 2,000 ppm.
Used at dilutions of 200 ppm. Dilution bottle & instr. included


Silver Pulser $195.00
shipping $5.00

Silver Pulser Kit Making colloidal silver
  •   The Silver Pulser Model ZBB5
  •    Operating manual
  •    Silver Wire electrode holder 
  •    Two silver wires (.999 fine silver)
  •    High grade Gold plated  stimulator probes
  •    Two Velcro / Neoprene straps
  •    Two pair cotton probe sleeves
  •    Scrubber pad for cleaning silver wires
  •    Bag containing Celtic Sea Salt
  •    One 2 oz. dark glass dropper bottle
  •    Custom soft storage case
  •    3 year parts and labor warranty 
  •    Silver Pulser is non-refundable


    Colloidal Silver Features

    Making high-quality colloidal silver is now easier than ever.  The Silver Pulser comes with a custom retainer that is placed on top of your glass of water or other container.  The silver wires extend straight down into the water and are held in place by a spring-loaded clip.  Silver wire length is adjustable to fit the depth of your glass or container.  The silver wires are easy to remove and replace.  During the process of making colloidal silver, the positive silver wire loses silver and gradually shrinks in diameter.  By switching the positive and negative wires around, the usable life of the wires is doubled and you can make twice the amount of colloidal silver.

    Silver Pulser Specifications
    • Output Voltage at Gold Stimulator Probes: 31 volts (peak per cycle, 66 volts peak-peak)
    • Output Current at Gold Stimulator Probes: ~12 milliamps maximum when probes shorted and Control Knob on full intensity.
    • Output Voltage at Colloidal Silver Wires: 31 Volts DC  +/- 1 Volt constant voltage
    • Output Current at Colloidal Silver Wires: 1.0 milliamps Constant-Current Output
    • Colloidal Silver Production:  3-5 parts per million for 20 minutes in 8 to 16 ounces distilled water
    • Colloidal Silver Particle Size: mostly ionic with colloidal particles in the range of 0.005 to 0.015 microns
    • Silver Probes can make many gallons of 3 to 5 parts per million colloidal silver when used as directed
    • Optional Input Voltage: 6-12 volts DC @500mA wall transformer/adaptor, auto battery or solar panel
    • One standard 9-volt alkaline battery (included)
    • Bi-phasic at ~3.92 Hertz +/- 1 Hz

    Notice:  The Silver Pulser is not intended or recommended as an alternative to accepted modes of first aid, or medical intervention, or treatment.  It is not intended to be used as a medical device for humans, or in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure, or mitigation of any illnesses or diseases in humans.  The Silver Pulser is an experimental electronic research instrument for use by qualified individuals.   All cases of injury or disease must be diagnosed and treated by a licensed health professional.

    Ordering the Silver Pulser

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