SE-5 Plus

What is the SE-5 Plus

The SE-5 Plus is an experimental research electronic instrument designed to accurately detect and help balance Intrisic Data Fields (IDFs) . SE-5 Plus is a consciousness interactive instrument that has been used experimentally to detect and balance the IDFs of plants, animals, minerals, and virtually all animate and inanimate objects. Some people have experimented with the IDFs of psychological states, Chakra balancing and other non tangible areas. IDFs are sometimes referred to as subtle informational fields and are the fundamental blueprints of the third (and other) dimensions.

Some experimental areas include:

Minerals, Mining
Acupuncture at a distance
Map Dowsing
Subtle Energies (Aura, Chakras etc.)
Household uses

SE-5 Plus - $2,995.00

includes the advanced training course -
Available on VHS or DVD

Shipping for U.S. is $65.00. 
Shipping for Europe is $100.00

Optional PC Interface / IDF-32 Software Kit - $650.00

The optional IDF software for Windows allows you to make an infinite number of custom programs and keep track of all your subjects etc. 


* Crypto Box for PC interface
* 3 Floppy Disks (IDF Software)
* Y-connector cable

Disclaimer: the SE-5 Plus is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

Standard SE-5 Kit 
  • SE-5 Plus instrument
  • B4 program (Health analysis program)
  • Affirmations Program
  • Mineral Program
  • Subtle Balance Program (chakras, aura, tissue salts etc.)
  • Agriculture Program
  • Organ IDF Balance Program
  • Pathogen IDF Balance Program
  • 17 Custom Programs (that you design)
  • Carrying case
  • Camera and film
  • Input Probe
  • Output Cable
  • Input Plate
  • A/C Power adapter (USA version)
  • Training manual
  • Training video
  • Book of Tunings (aprx. 14,000 Tunings)
  • Instruction book
  • FREE - 2 hours of telephone training support
  • Warranty is 1 year, parts and labor.

    Advanced Video training course

    Taken from  a three day workshop, this course covers the begining uses of the SE-5 through the most advanced uses.
     Six hours of video instruction walks you step by step through a 75 page workbook. By far the most complete and indepth
    training for the SE-5 ever put together on video.  (also available on DVD).

    You will have the benefit of hearing the answers to the kinds of questions you have always wanted to ask.
    Exciting new possiblities await you as you deepen your skills with the SE-5. Learn how to expand your efficiency with the
    use of a personal computer and your SE-5.

    Course Contents:

    • Review the  uses of the SE-5 in    health, agriculture, pets, and business
    • Work at the DNA level to increase longevity, clear genetic imprints & activate higher consciousness
    • Preparing potentized substances
    • Clear negative energies
    • Increase speed and accuracy
    • Work forward and backward in time for more effectiveness
    • Clear negative past lives
    • Learn about the aura and how to clear it of toxins
    • Develop Tunings for the SE-5
    • Understand theory of Tunings
    • Targeting Substances
    • Amplify prosperity
    • Enhance spiritual growth
    • Use color and geometrics
    • Using word Tunings
    • Balancing emotional IDF with Bach Flower Remedies

Ordering the SE-5

We do not offer on-line ordering. Please phone, fax or email your
order.  Shipping time is normally within 5 to 7 days.  Shipping for U.S. and Canada $65.00.  Payment by Visa, M.C., American Ex.,Discover.  We also accept checks and direct bank deposits

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