Veterinary Use of Scenar

By Roger S. Meacock BVSc. MRCVS
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I have been primarily involved in Equine and Large animal practice with Scenar, although I have treated a number of small animals with great success.  I have been using Skenar on a regular basis since December 1998.

The Russian experience of Scenar is largely human orientated. As far as we know there are no Veterinarians using Scenar (other than myself) although there have been anecdotal reports of Scenar therapists treating a few cats and dogs. In one such reported case an aged cat with kidney stones which was regarded as a poor anaesthetic risk was successfully treated using Scenar with just 2 treatments. The Russians state that good effects are obtained using the paws, ears, hairless areas of the belly and mucosal surfaces to interface with the Scenar. Animals may be unsure of the Scenar for the first treatment, although subsequent treatments are welcomed on the whole. The comb probe can also be used to treat areas covered in fur.

Horses: I have mostly used Scenar for musculo-skeletal problems to very good effect. Acute injuries respond remarkably quickly (3 ?5 treatments). Chronic injuries such as tendon thickening respond well in about 5 ? 10 treatments and normal function will frequently return although the tendon itself may still remain slightly thickened.

Conditions which have responded well include colic, scouring, cuts, torn gastrocnemius tendon, iliac thrombosis, sesamoid fracture, sore backs, persistent lameness of unknown origin. Secondary effects have been found as a result of treatment which have included cessation of wind-sucking, disappearance of a sweat patch which recurred after exercise over the area of an old haematoma, corneal opacity.

Farm animals: I have used Scenar to good effect for burns in a pig, high cell count cows, infected joints (calves and cows), facial paralysis (heifer), contracted tendon (very young lamb), swollen testicle (ram), lameness in cows, sheep and goats.

Small animals: I have found favourable results from using Scenar for lamenesses, inflammatory mass on toe, Chronic Degenerative Radiculo-Myopathy, spondylitis, back end collapse, diarrhoea, enlarged tendon, arthritis etc.

From the above results, I have little doubt that the range of conditions which Scenar can potentially help with in animals is unlikely to be any different from the Basic Results Overview for people. My personal opinion having treated both animals and people is that animals tend to have a more positive mental attitude and appear to respond and recover more quickly.


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