Interview with Alexander Karasev - Scenar Founding Researcher
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How does it work?

The SCENAR works by making the bodyís own immune system operate more efficiently. Technically it is a very complicated device which sends electronic impulses via the skin to the brain but it was designed to be used by anybody without any special medical training. You just hold it over the affected area or organ and it sends an amplified signal of pain to the brain. This causes the brain to trigger the bodyís immune system, and, hey presto, after only a few minutes of treatment, the patient starts feeling much better.

We have been using the SCENAR for 20 years now and have had numerous miraculous recoveries. If a patient comes in on crutches, he just forgets about their existence, leaving them behind in the doctorís surgery as if he never had them.

How did the device come to be developed?

It all began when the whole of our family got food poisoning. It was an awful time and I lost my sister. But one thing I realised was that conventional medicine with all those modern pills and potions did not help. I had in fact studied reflexology and acupuncture for many years but these didnít seem to work either so I realised that there was a need for something else. Of course we werenít the first who thought about sending electronic signals to the brain but we managed to refine the technique: to make the signal similar to that carried in a bodyís nerve tissue after distortion caused by the skin, fat and suchlike.

Who was involved? Where were you based?

I worked for many years on the medical programme at the Cosmonaut Training Centre and they were doing something similar there. But Iíd stared working on the device even before that in my home town,Taganrog. I only demonstrated it to the space program scientists once Iíd made the first operating version and had achieved successful results.

So was it used in space?

The space programme was controlled by the military and they ordered something slightly different. I didnít think the device they wanted worked quite so well but I did my best anyway. They were planning to use the SCENAR in later space projects like Buran for example but then the Soviet Union fell apart. Recently various cosmonauts have wanted to take it up into space and test it outside the official medical programme, but this hasnít quite worked out yet.

What proof have you got that it actually works?

If I had to prove it to you it would probably take me about 10 minutes. I can demonstrate it on anything, even the wrinkles on the skin. Rejuvenation. If you compare the treated and non-treated parts of the face, for instance, you can see the difference clearly. Or if you have a bruise somewhere itíll take 10-15 minutes to demonstrate initial effect. I have introduced the SCENAR to maternity hospitals and it heals all the bruises and traumas in newly born babies within a few minutes.

It even works on such difficult-to-cure diseases as psoriasis. People who have suffered for 15 years, can forget about their skin traumas and their asthma after only about ten sessions. The important thing to remember is that the device is not in itself a cure. It merely stimulates your own immune system and uses your bodyís own potential. In fact the less you are poisoned by chemical drugs and hormonal medicines, the more response we can get using the SCENAR and the greater the chance of recovery.

Have you benefited at all in medical terms?

I myself have not used any drugs for 15 years. I do not remember what tablets you use for a headache. I always use the SCENAR. When my children were little, the teachers in the kindergarten were really annoyed with me because my children would still be at school when all the other kids were down with flu. They said, ìCanít you keep them at home like everyone else?" Basically, they wanted to go home themselves and the only reason they had to be at school was to look after my children.

How about the financial reward? Have you profited from the invention?

I have not benefited yet. I have tended to shy away from publicity because it is bad for the creative process. In fact, this is my first interview ever. But other people of course have taken advantage of the device. One doctor was treating a large number of senior politicians saying that the device was from Japan. But it doesnít bother me. My ultimate aim is that the SCEANR should become readily available to families worldwide so that people could have it there in their first aid boxes and treat themselves. It really is the most reliable thing.

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