The Revitalizer works like a combination MWO - multiwave oscillator and Q-2  machine.   By placing your feet on the charging plate and  holding the neon glass bulb, the body is infused with a broad spectrum of resonant frequencies AND an electrical charge that helps the genetic structures in the nucleus of the cells to resonate at a normal healthy frequency.  This helps all of the cells' metabolic functions to operate more efficiently.  Every healthy cell in the body vibrates at a particular rate. 

Diseased or weakened cells tend to vibrate out of harmony with the rest of the body and with a lower electrical charge. In the early 1920's, French engineer, Georges Lakhovsky, developed a frequency instrument known as the Mutilple Wave Oscillator.  This device used an elaborate antenna system to broadcast millions of radiowave harmonic frequencies into the system.  Lakhovsky viewed the filamentous material within the cells as behaving like resonating structures or antennas that could be stimulated with the proper external frequency (radiowaves) to help regain their normal vibratory rate, thus assisting the body to restore a state of equilibrium or health.  This concept is similar to striking a Tuning Fork, which can then produce a sympathetic resonance in a second tuning fork.  This concept is different from that of a Royal Rife-type frequency generator which seeks to directly neutralize pathogens, virus, bacteria, etc. with a specific MOR (mortal oscillatory rate) frequency.

The Revitalizer performs its activity through a footplate antenna system and a hand-held, Neon-filled glass bulb. The Revitalizer also acts to slowly recharge the cells to restore their normal electrical potential in the range of 70 millivolts or somewhat higher.  A weakened or diseased cell is electrically anemic having less than half the vital life-force energy of a healthy cell.  The Revitalizer provides the electrical nourishment that may be lacking.  At that point, the body's innate healing intelligence has the necessary energy to perform its healing  and repair work.  When one uses the Revitalizer regularly, it helps maintain the electrical health of the body at a cellular level.  Bringing the electrical level in each cell to its optimum potential does this.  All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place, and the cellular regenerator feeds this need at the molecular level. 

The Revitalizer does NOT Heal the body. The instrument equalizes the charge level in all the cells in the body.  When the body has enough energy, the cellís genetic programming has sufficient power to correct itself.  This gives the body the ability to identify and remove damaged or improper cells, replacing them with the original design that is encoded in our DNA.  The Revitalizer is not a replacement for food nourishment, nor does it replace or repair the emotions.  It provides the body with the energetic and frequency components to reach equilibrium which allows the body to operate normally.  Any cells with a different genetic structure, i. e. bacterium, virus, or mutated cells, develop a different charge than the majority of the healthy cells.  This allows the body to detect them more easily and process them out of the system.  Also with the additional energy available, the body can assimilate the components it requires to regenerate itself. 

The Revitalizer is normally used for a minimum time of 20 minutes per session.  It may even be used daily if desired.  There is no danger in becoming OVERCHARGED as the body will absorb only so much energy before the excess begins to Bleed Off into the air.  Note:  The Revitalizer is the same type of technology as the BODY CHARGER and the MOLECULAR ENHANCER seen on other websites, but at a great cost savings!

Benefits of the Revitalizer

* Increases the bodyís ability to absorb nutrients

* Promotes/boosts proper and efficient chemical operation within the cells 

* Replaces expended energy to your body, mind, and emotions

* Dramatically reduces recovery time needed to overcome infections

* Increases the bodyís ability to recover faster from surgeries, injuries, and illnesses

* Adaptogenic - helps the body adapt to the changes in ones system & environment (body, mind, emotions)

* Increases circulation so you get more oxygen to your system & enables your body to remove toxins more efficiently; 

Sicknesses will cycle faster through the body.  Sometimes this can cause a healing crisis.  A healing crisis is when the body is dumping toxins at high rate.  Many times a healing crisis will feel like the flu.  When this occurs, you may stop using the system for a day or two, giving your body time to flush out the toxins until the symptoms abate.  One may also try reducing the time on the unit but increasing intake of fresh water, getting plenty of rest and soaking in a warm epsom salt bath.

Disclaimer: Revitalizer is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.

The Revitalizer is not a replacement for a proper diet, excercise or positive emotions.  The Revitalizer is NOT a medical device. In all instances of illness, disease or injury please consult with a licensed medical practitioner.  The Revitalizer should not be used for patients with heart pacemakers or during pregnancy.  It should not be used for individuals with neurological diseases, stroke, heart disease or patients taking prescription medications or illegal drugs.

Revitalizer sold with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.  Cost of return shipping is not reimbursible.  Any returned unit must be shipped fully insured in case of any loss or damage to unit or components.  Add $100.00 for shipping.

Revitalizer - $995.00

Ordering Revitalizer

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