Reson-8 binaural beat generator
Reson-8 is an innovative miniature binaural beat  sound generator that quickly helps your brain to access deeply relaxing Alpha,Theta & Delta states. Binaral Beats are produced by the brain when slightly different sound tones are delivered to the left and right ears.  The brain processes the different frequencies by producing a Third beat frequency (binaural beat) which is the difference between the left and right ear sound tones.  The result is a Whole Brain resonant beat that effectively "entrains" the EEG brainwave frequencies into the desired Alpha and Theta states.  This process is also known as a Frequency Following Response and was popularized by the Monroe Institute's Hemi-Sync technology.

To operate, simply put on the headphones and listen to the sound tones. Based on  established science, these tones prompt the brain to go directly to a more creative and relaxed, desired state away from the noise and  clutter of modern life.İThis convenient, elegant device opens up the benefits of meditation to all.İ Reson-8 is small enough to be fitted to a key ring, and can be used anywhere.  It can help you relax before or during stressful situations such as job interviews, classroom exams, visits to the dentist or other challenging tasks. Reson-8 canİimprove learning and overcome insomnia and headache. Regular use of the reson-8 can also help you to give up any negative habits or addictions such as smoking, drinking or losing weight. 

Reson-8 contains a sophisticated micro-processor with Eight different  frequency programs (see graph below).  There are 3 - Alpha programs, 3 - Theta programs and 2 - Delta programs for deep relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, sleep and more.

  • Super-learning - whole-brain learning while studying
  • Learn Languages - with Reson-8 Alpha Learning
  • Dental Anxiety - relax your nerves in the dentist chair
  • Stress reduction - instant relaxation, anytime & any place
  • Travel Aide - relax while flying and reduce jet-lag
  • Meditation trainer - alpha, theta and delta programs
  • Sleep disorders - Delta sleep program to quiet the mind

Reson-8      $99.00

Resellers discount price:  $59.99 with min. purchase of 10 units per order. 

Program Brainwave Type Tone Application Time
1 Alpha 10 Hz BB Pulsed Focus attention / reduce stress 20
2 Alpha 10 Hz Binaural Beat Focus attention 20
3 Alpha 10 Hz BB Pulsed Energize 20
4 Theta 4 Hz BB Pulsed Meditation 45
5 Theta 4 Hz Binaural Beat Meditation 45
6 Theta 4 Hz BB Pulsed Meditation 45
7 Delta 2 Hz Binaural Beat Very deep meditation 20
8 Delta 1 Hz Binaural Beat Deep sleep 40

Reson-8 Specifications Earphones Specifications
Microprocessor CMOS 8-bit microcontroller Impedance 32 ohms @ 1kHz
Battery CR 2032 Lithium 3v. Sensitivity 102 dB/mw
Weight 35 grams (incl. battery) Frequency Response 12-20,000 Hz.
Dimensions 55mm x 44mm x 14 mm Cord length 1.1 meter

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