PYRO-ENERGEN is an electronic instrument that produces a static-like electricity that is designed to neutralize the root cause of viral conditions. It is an efficient professionally designed unit, thoroughly tested and guaranteed to operate per specifications.  Pyro-Energen does not operate on the known principles of pulsers, zappers, TENS or Rife Generators.  It is uniquely different.

Pyro-Energen is an innovative product designed by Mr. Junji Takano in 1971.  This latest and improved Pyro-Energen is handcrafted one by one, piece-by-piece to ensure its high efficiency and trouble-free machine. It is the best instrument of its kind in the world.

Is Pyro-Energen safe - Yes, Pyro-Energen does not deliver any electrical current into the body. Note that Pyro-Energen is not a Rife Generator, zapper, TENS unit or a pain reliever device and the current doesn't pass through sensory nerves and blood. Current passing through blood can have a harmful effect in the body because it can destroy both bad and normal cells. The static-like electricity that PYRO-ENERGEN produces has no side effects at all. Pyro-Energen does not harm your body even if it is used for a very long period of time.

Is Pyro-Energen a TENS Device, Zapper or Rife Generator - absolutely not. Pyro-Energen uses electricity but does not use it the same way as TENS, Zappers, or Rife Generators. TENS is a method of treating chronic pain by applying electrodes to the skin and passing small electric currents through sensory nerves and the spinal cord, thus suppressing the transmission of pain signals. Pyro-Energen is not a pain reliever device, therefore, electricity does not pass through sensory nerves, and thus, it is not a muscle stimulator. Pyro-Energen is not even a medical device so injuries such as wounds and broken bones cannot be cured. Pyro-Energen is purely designed for normalizing the energetic imbalances in the body that may lead to viral-infected diseases and some unknown causes of illness.  Pyro-Energen is not a Rife Generator or Zapper as it is not designed to kill Viruses by means of frequency resonance.  It is designed to help establish a proper environment that allows the body and immune system to heal itself.

What about electroporation - it is a temporary condition of the outer membrane of blood cells becoming porous as a result of high electric fields affecting the cells. While the cells are porous, normally unwanted fluid and substances can enter into the blood cell with resultant disturbing effects.  PYRO-ENERGEN does NOT cause electroporation, nor does it produce a harmful electromagnetic field.

How to use Pyro-Energen

To maintain good health, daily Pyro-Energen sessions are recommended.  There is no side effect even using it 1 or 2 hours per day.  Normal session times are at least 45-60 minutes once a day. Unlike any other electrotherapy devices that have a limited recommended time usage, Pyro-Energen gives faster results with more frequent use. The more you use it, the faster it can help to bring your body into a state of wellness. It is not necessary to have any known health concerns.  Pyro-Energen can work to fortify your body from contracting viral agents and unknown causes of maladies, and of course, Pyro-Energen  sessions help to maintain good health!

1. Put Pyro-Energen in a suitable place. Plug the cord in the outlet. The LED will light, then your session will begin. Sit on a wooden or plastic chair and place both BARE feet on the device. You can use it sitting down, reading books, watching TV, etc. 

Is it important to feel an electrical tingle when using Pyro-Energen - absolutely not. You won't feel any when you're using Pyro-Energen. You'll only receive a very small amount of electro-static charge for a microsecond if someone touches you or if you contact a conductive object. 


*  Pyro-Energen is very economical. It consumes less than 1 watt of electricity. 
*  No side effects and no known contraindications
*  Lifetime Guarantee
*  PYRO-ENERGEN is 10"x7.5"x3.5" 
*  Weight - 2 kgs. (4.4 pounds)
*  No noise
*  No moving parts to wear out

PYRO-ENERGEN -  $795.00

Shipping - add $15.00.

Safety Precautions: PyroEnergen stores an electrical charge in its internal capacitors.  After using the unit, a charge will still be present for several hours until it dissipates.  Do not attempt to pick up the unit as you will experience an unpleasant shock.  Do not touch other individuals, children, or pets while using the PyroEnergen as you will both experience a mild shock.  PyroEnergen should not be used by women who are pregnant or by individuals with heart disease or heart pacemakers.  It is best to use the PyroEnergen with a power extension bar that has a separate on and off switch.  Do not plug in or unplug the PyroEnergen with your feet already on the device as this will cause a shock.

Ordering Pyro-Energizer

We do not offer on-line ordering. Please phone, fax or email your order.  Shipping time is normally within 5 to 7 days.  $15.00 shipping for U.S. Payment by Visa, M.C., American Ex. or Discover.  We also accept checks and direct bank deposits

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