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The Karnak Psychic Sensor is a  Bio-field / cerebral-organic energy sensor and analyzer.  Remote sensing of the human bioenergy field at a distance is now a scientific reality! The Psychic Sensor detects electromagnetic waves in the effective frequencies that our brain emanates for communicating with the various organs. The Sensor is positioned at a distance of 1 meter from the subject and is able to reveal energetic imbalances and potential health problems IN JUST 30 SECONDS.  The dynamic energetic activity of each area of the brain and of each organ can be seen in real time and printed. 

When connected to a PC, the Psychic Sensor software displays numerous graphs and screens that offer a thorough analysis of the energetic status and imbalances in the system.  When an imbalance is recognized, the Psychic Sensor is able to evaluate the effect of potential remedies introduced into the Subject / Instrument field interface.  A specially designed companion device called the Brainwave Harmonizer and Regenerator -  can be used to restore the healthy biomagnetic energy communication between the brain and the affected system or organ of the body.  Other corrective remedies can be rapidly tested, including Homeopathy, Herbs, Supplements, Foods, etc.  The subject simply holds the substance and another 30 second reading will reveal the energetic action of that item.  This has some similarities to Electrodermal Screening instruments such as Voll Meters and the QXCI, except the Psychic Sensor is a remote sensing system with no direct contact to the operator or the subject.

The Karnak Psychic Sensor is the most practical machine available in the world for remote detection of the electromagnetic energy language between the brain and the internal organs. The Karnak Psychic Sensor allows us to define a person's cerebral functionality, assessing energetic imbalances before dysfunction sets in, which in turn may trigger illness. 

The Karnak Psychic Sensor has been tested with success at the Center for Human Bioenergy and Bioresonance Research, which was founded especially for the purpose of studying human faculties. The center is coordinated by medical and scientific researchers. 

This device is just the size of VHS videocassette and is connected to a PC by means of software that decodes the detection of directional fluctuating electromagnetic fields (EEG) from 0.5 to 80 Hz. The subject to be examined is placed at a distance of roughly one meter from the Sensor without the need to connect any electrodes to the subject's head or body.  Before analyzing the energetic state of a person, a background check is carried out, which determines the intensity of the electromagnetic influences in the environment in the above mentioned frequencies.  In this way, any electromagnetic background noise can be compensated for and filtered out.

This energetic analysis allows for the early detection of various bioenergetic imbalances and potential corrective procedures by indicating the functional psycho - physical recovery and the effectiveness of the corrective measures being carried out, by means of a check-up done on the subject before and after the session, which results will be visible in a graph during the successive phases of the analysis.

By having the subject hold a natural, homeopathic, ayurvedic, phytotherapeutic, or organic product in the right hand, we can identify which organs it  helps and which organs it harms, since the brain immediately enters into Bioresonance with the elements the product is composed of and signals this across the software. 

The cause of psychosomatic problems can be seen with any PC that uses our Psychic Sensor. The Psychic Sensor favors the use of self-healing techniques or cerebral regeneration with the use of our Brainwave Harmonizer and Regenerator that can be synchronized to produce the specific magnetic frequencies recommended by the Psychic Sensor to correct the imbalances.

Thanks to the Karnak Psychic Sensor we can now confirm that the brain isnít solely a thinking machine but that it also exerts an electromagnetic influence, interactive from afar, which helps each of us pursue our optimal state of wellness.

Psychic Sensor Software / Hardware Minimum Requirements

*  Laptop PC  (for portability)  Pentium 166 Mhz or better 
*  20 Mb of free hard disk space
* 16 Mb of RAM 
*  Windows 98/Me/2000/NT/XP 

Psychic Sensor is available in Two Models

Standard Version

The Standard version is used in the Alternative Therapies, Intellectual Arts and Private sectors. It allows for the carrying out of energetic analyses of every area, whether cerebral or organic, displaying the possible dysfunctions underway and identifying the therapeutic results obtained. 

Note ...due to the fluxuating exchange rate of Euros and Dollars, please call or E-mail for current prices.

Psychic Sensor Professional Version

The Professional version is supplied to operators in the Health Sector so as to allow the carrying out of medical diagnoses and more specific and personalized therapies.  In addition to the functions of the Basic model, the advanced model enables:

1. The possibility of knowing if the test has been carried out correctly in order to substantiate the test at the end of the analysis, taking into consideration the different mental states the subject who was being analyzed was in during the analysis. For example, low activity Alpha and Beta mental states can influence organic functionality

2. To obtain the energetic analysis of the principle cerebral activities, as well as the activity of every organ

3. To pick-up cerebro-organic functionality in real time, establishing the extent of the problem and the level of effectiveness of a natural or energetic therapy

4. To visualize the dynamic action of every energetic cerebral and organic activity that occurs in the organism every second for a period of one hour or many hours, making a print-out of the results

5. To evaluate the dynamic energy activity of the following sectors: cerebral, cardio-respiratory, neurovegetative, metabolic and of the joints, in order to control their functionality and making a print-out of the results

6. To be able to retrace the cause of the psychosomatic illnesses through the evaluation of the cerebro-organic energy alterations that the program carries out, which are visible in the details of the body areas for every single iteration displayed by the Detector

Energetic Analysis

The energetic analysis documents the extent of the excess or lack of energy in every cerebral area and in every organ and is indicated in the program through the following information:

* Energetic alteration
* Possible dysfunction underway
* Possible illness underway
* Possible cerebral imbalance or organic degeneration underway
* Possible severe cerebral imbalance or organic degeneration underway

Price note ...due to the fluxuating exchange rate of Euros and Dollars, please call for current prices.

Disclaimer: Karnak Psychic Sensor is not a medical device.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.

The Psychic Sensor is a product of Karnak  Srl in Italy - http://www.karnak2000.com

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