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Orgone is another name for chi, life force, or prana, which is found throughout the universe, and without it no life would exist. The word Orgone was coined by Wilhelm Reich during the 1940s and 1950s, during which time he developed his Orgone accumulator devices. Dr. Reich performed many experiments with Orgone energy, the primary thrust being in the area of healing.

Unlike Orgone accumulators of a bye-gone era, present day Orgone Generators both receive and transmit positive, polarized and balanced Orgone energies, for which there are many uses. Present day Orgone generators are usually made of some type of resin, metal particles and quartz crystals formed into a pyramid or cone shape. The energy producing abilities of a properly designed pyramid are well known. Orgone generators made with resin, quartz crystals and metal particles have the ability to take in negative energies, purify them, and re-distribute harmonious and balanced energies into the surrounding area. It is said that negative vortices can also be neutralized in this fashion.

Since the resin attracts life force energy, and the metal repels it, a highly concentrated and pure life force energy is produced. This high frequency oscillating energy is beneficial to all life forms, on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

The Orgone Energizer is made of high quality polyurethane resin, contains 5 quartz crystals strategically placed, metal particles and a copper coil, which spirals the energy upwards, creating a vortex. The vortex created maximizes the effectiveness of the pyramid waveform pattern. Each pyramid is 4 x 4 inches square by 4 inches high and comes in gold or patina. The angles are identical to the Cheops pyramid, considered by many to be necessary for optimal function. As a whole house generator, the Orgone Energizer radiates balanced, harmonized and radiant Orgone life force energy to any living thing within its sphere of influence, which is up to a quarter of a mile. Many users have reported experiencing a general state of well-being and peace when using Orgone generators in their living space.

The charging stand is an innovative feature not found in other systems allowing you to easily charge objects placed in the well of the stand. With the Orgone Energizer underneath, you can easily charge quartz crystals, gemstones, water, silica sand, food containers, and many other objects with Orgone. It has also been used to charge cosmetics, face creams, motor additives and glass dinnerware. It has been found that silica sand and glass hold an Orgone charge indefinitely, so small silica sand bags can be charged and placed anywhere on the body. The Orgone Energizer charging stand enables you to take advantage of the positive life force energy emanating from the top of the apex, thereby bypassing the negative green emanating from the bottom of pyramids.

A sample, or witness, of any living thing can be placed in the well of the charging stand and Orgone energy will be sent to the owner of the witness. A hair sample, photographic negative, or Polaroid photo is best. A sample, or witness, is connected to the target by an etheric level connection. Plants, for example, can be energized along with a small portion of a substance that will enhance the growth and health of the plant. This is possible due to the energy vortex created by the pyramid that turns it into a psychotronic generator. Distance is no factor in this regard. Writing a prayer or your desire on paper and placing it in the well along with your witness will draw the desired manifestation to you. Complete instructions for using the Orgone Energizer as a manifesting device are included with your order.

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