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Light and Sound machines use pulsing lights and sound tones to gently lead the brainwave EEG patterns into more receptive states that are ideal for super learning, stress reduction, meditation, lucid dreaming, creativity, out of body exploration, self- hypnosis, psychic development, creativity and much more.  Light & sound machines can supercharge and accelerate the effectiveness of any self-improvement audio tape program.  Simply connect your walkman stereo, CD player or tape deck and unleash the powers of your subconscious mind!  Positive change was never so easy.  Great for breaking negative addictions; smoking, weight loss, and much more.

Mind Superchargers - It is well known that the Alpha and Theta states of consciousness are the optimum  mental states to receive and remember any positive affirmations or suggestions or educational material. With their ability to assist the mind in creating highly receptive Alpha states, light and sound machines open a window to the mind that can be utilized to empower your mental programming with the keys to prosperity, success and personal spiritual growth.  Superlearning techniques used by thousands of students around the world utilize the Alpha state to dramatically increase overall learning, memory and retention. 

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 Nova Pro 100

A long time leader in light and sound mind machines, Nova Pro is packed with dozens of exciting features and has an easy to use push button control menu.  You'll be up and running in minutes. 

Nova Pro 100 is pre-loaded with 100 preset programs for meditation, relaxation, learning, entertainment and more.  There is additional storage room for 100 more downloaded sessions.  Unit is two-user ready with Dual Lght and Sound ports.

Run Nova Pro from Your PC Nova Pro comes with an RS 232 serial cable to connect with your Windows PC.  This feature gives you real-time session control, on-screen programmability and editing of programs. It also includes free Light/Sound Librarian software.  As a special bonus, you can download over Fifty free sessions to disk for later use. These programs are located on the manufacturers website. Nova Pro is a personal favorite.  In over 10 years of working with the Photosonix product line, we have never received a report of product software or hardware failure.
Nova Pro is ready to play special Audio-Strobe programs.  Read about these at

Nova Pro 100 -$399.00. (with standard Led Glasses) - 
With Deluxe Led Glasses - $439.00.  Add $8.00 for s/h Ups Ground.
30-day money back guarantee with restocking charge
($32.00 for Red Led system or $66.00 for Deluxe Led systems)

Nova Pro 100 complete features list, configurations and prices

 Inner Pulse
Inner Pulse
Photosonix Inner Pulse

Inner Pulse has 64 easy to use sessions for relaxation, specialty, meditation, sleep, learning, energizing, visualization, entertainment, breath pacing, and improv. There is room for downloading up to 25 additional sessions. There is also a convenient thumbwheel adjustment for sound volume and light intensity.  Many more features. 

Inner Pulse Meditation Trainer: 10 breath pacing sessions designed to help meditators focus on various rhythms of breathing with adjustable, rhythmic light and sound pulses corresponding to your own breathing patterns.  After you have adjusted the Inner Pulse output to match your own breathing rate, the Led Light and the Pink Noise sound will intensify with your inhale, and decrease intensity with your exhale.  Great for quieting the mind and focusing attention. 

Inner Pulse - with standard Led Glasses - $199.95.  (choice of Red, Green, Yellow, Orange-Amber glasses)
With Deluxe Led Glasses - $259.95  (choice of TruWhite, Cool Blue or Ultra Green Led Glasses)
Optional AC Adapter - $10.00.  Add $8.00 s/h. Ups Ground.
30-day money back guarantee with restocking charge
($32.00 for Red Led system or $66.00 for Deluxe Led systems)

Inner Pulse Complete Features List

 Muse Sharp
The most feature-packed and affordable Light and Sound machine in its class!  Designed by the innovative light and sound leader, Photosonix. The Muse (Muse Sharp) is a great value, nothing near the price comes close. 30 easy to use built-in sessions, room for up to 25 downloaded sessions. Includes all cables necessary to hook up to external sound source or a computer. Free Librarian software with additional sessions for downloading is available from this web site. With session time adjust feature and the new 5 & 10 minute mood fix sessions. Downloadable, manual control mode. Compact, with 4 AA removable batteries. 

Muse Sharp Features

30 Built-in sessions - See Muse# Relaxation Sessions
Room for 25 more sessions you can download
Five tone selections
Pulsed tone with selectable pitch
Pulsed surf sound
Pulsed chord with selectable interval
Binaural beats
Dual Binaural beats
Frequency control from 1 to 42 Hertz
Four octaves of pitch control, just scale
Sine wave sound, unusual in this price range.
Pitch ramping, unusual anywhere.
Gentle on/gentle off, session run time adjust
Pause control, allows you to hold the session at a place you really like.
Full manual control including time adjust of manual sessions.
Downloadable, including computer cable and free Light/Sound Librarian software and sessions to be downloaded from this web site.

What you get - system unit, red stimulation glasses (with 4 lights per eye), Pro system headphones, 4 AA batteries, stereo cord, Download cable, free Light/Sound Librarian software and sessions to download from this web site, manual. 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty.

Muse Sharp - $179.00 Choice of Green, Orange, or Red Led Glasses
With Deluxe Led Glasses - $239.00 TruWhite or Cool Blue. 
Optional AC Adapter - $10.00.  Add $8.00 s/h. Ups Ground
30-day money back guarantee with restocking charge
($32.00 for Red Led system or $66.00 for Deluxe Led systems)

 Luma 10

If you want an introductory level light and sound machine that allows you to select a session, press play, sit back and enjoy, the Luma10 is best suited for you with a sampler of all that we have to offer.  Compact, light and super easy to use. A great starter system at a great price.

The Improv sessions are created fresh and original at each playing each with its own frequency range. Endless variety within a frequency range.  There are Six octaves of pitch control, all the sound capabilities of the Nova pro 100.

True sine wave sound and sine wave light modulation.

New: complex intensity control of LightWeave (TM), the lights always on for smooth, non-jarring stimulation. With the intensity focus moving from high to low and from eye to eye and delivering the full frequency range, the LightWeave technology is a floating like experience.

The Luma 10 also has auto power off, pause feature and session run time adjust. 
Gentle on-off, seven tones: pulsed tone, pulsed pink noise, pulsed chords, binaural beats, binaural beats with surf, dual binaural beats, dual monaural beats.

Packed with features yet very easy to use machine to sample and enjoy all the variety our technology has to offer!

Luma10 features

50 Built-in sessions, 35 with the LighWeave (TM) technology- See Session Library
Tone Selections/Capabilities and Range:
pulsed tone
pulsed pink noise
pulsed chords
binaural beats
binaural beats with surf
dual binaural beats
dual monaural beats
Frequency control from .25 to 42 Hertz
Four octaves of pitch using the Just scale
Sine wave sound, unusual in this price range.
Pitch ramping, unusual anywhere.
Session run time adjust.

What you get - system unit, stimulation glasses, stereo headphones, 4 AA batteries, stereo cord, manual. 30 day money back guarantee, 1 year warranty. 

Luma 10 with Standard Glasses - $159.00 Red or Green
Luma10 with Deluxe Glasses - $223.00  TruWhite, CoolBlue, Indigo, Ultra Green or Spectrum Pro glasses 
Optional AC Adapter - $10.00.  Add $8.00 s/h Ups ground.
30-day money back guarantee with restocking charge
($32.00 for Red Led system or $66.00 for Deluxe Led systems)

Luma 10 Complete Features List

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