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Lucid Dreaming Induction DeviceNova Dreamer 65k

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In the past, Lucid Dreaming was limited to a talented few individuals with the necessary time, instruction and concentration.  Now the Nova Dreamer, product of over a decade of research by Stephen La Berge, Ph.D., world-renowned authority on Lucid Dreaming, brings the lucid dream state within reach of everyone.

The NovaDreamer detects when you enter into the REM sleep stage and the gives you a cue (flashing lights or sounds) to remind you to recognize that you are dreaming.

The cues enter into your dream, becoming incorporated, just like an alarm or radio conversation will sometimes become a part of your early morning dreams.  The workbook included with the Nova Dreamer provides instruction and exercises that teach you to recognize the lucid dreaming cues presented during the REM dream state.  Once you learn to awaken within you dream state, you have the ability to direct and control events, solve real life problems, focus on physical and emotional healing, and much more.

Once you master the techniques of lucid dreaming, going to sleep will never be the same again.  Lucid or waking dreams are an open doorway to unlimited adventure.  They can also serve as a stepping stone to a fully conscious astral projection, or out of body experience (oobe).  For more information about Lucid Dreaming read the Frequently Asked Questions page.  FAQ Click Here.

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