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Good Health starts with good nutrition.  Support your health and well-being with the finest line of
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New Spirit Naturals Products utilize only the purest Organic Ingredients (whenever available) in their product formulations.  All of the product links below will take you to the website of New Spirit Naturals.  From there, you can make your shopping selections from a wide variety of nutritional supplements and products.  The listings below are only a limited sampling of our own favorite products.  The entire New Spirit product line will complement the bio-energietic healing instruments offered from Mega Brain Power. 

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Green Magic Green Magic - superfood containing 17 of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet to provide a convienent, good tasting way to obtain full spectrum nutrition on a daily basis. The micro-algaes, cereal grass juice powders, sea vegetables, enzymes, anti-oxidants, phyto-nutrients, and probiotics in Green Magic provide the nutrients your body needs to support its' natural capability for rejuvenation.  Ingredients: Spirulina, Chlorella, De-oiled Lecithin, Barley and Wheat Grass Juice Powder, Kamut Grass Juice Powder, Rice Kernel Membrane, High Pectin Apple Fiber, Icelandic Kelp and Nova Scotia Dulse, Co-enzyme Q-10, Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), Royal Jelly, Jerusalem Artichoke Flour (JAF), Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidus Bacterium 

For a Complete description of product ingredients, information and ordering:  New Spirit Naturals

Guardian Greens is a powerful blood and brain food with phyto-nutrients targeted toward support of the immune system and its associated internal organs including, the brain, liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, stomach and intestinal tract, pancreas, blood, and nerves. Ingredients: Phosphatidylserine ,Ginkgo Biloba, Spirulina, Chlorella, Dunaleilla, Alfalfa Juice Powder, Red Beet Juice Powder, Rhubarb Juice Powder, Black Currant Powder, Red Clover Tops, Parsley Greens, Dandelion Greens , Watercress Greens, Milk Thistle Powder and Burdock Root Powder.

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ORAC - Anti-oxidant Formula - composed of all natural food concentrates - a powerful anti-oxidant formular for energy, anti-aging, and cellular protection. Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity (ORAC), measures the antioxidant power of foods and nutritional supplements. Use ORAC+ daily to reverse cellular damage caused by free-radicals . You can dramatically slow-down the aging process (anti-aging) by combatting free radical activity with antioxidants.  ORAC+ provides powerful anti-oxidants with a biosynergistic blend of natural fruit  powders, fruit extracts, polyphenol concentrates, grape, and red wine extracts. ORAC+ combats free radical activity with its anti-oxidants to slow down the body's aging process. 

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Alpha Greens - is nature's alkalizer, contains organically grown alfalfa grass juice, alfalfa leaf powder, wheat grass juice, barley grass juice, and kamut grass juice to help cleanse and detoxify the body. Alpha Greens will contribute greatly to the alkaline reserves and in helping to keep the acid/alkaline balance in the body. 

All our food extracts are grown organically, high in the mountains on an ancient volcanic lakebed surrounded by snow packed peaks.  These farms are hundreds of miles from the nearest polluting industries.  A special drying process guarantees a low temperature and gentle preservation of all phyto-nutrients. 

For a Complete description of product ingredients, information and ordering:  New Spirit Naturals

Three Treasures Teas - these traditional Chinese herbal therapeutic formulas are in the form of delicious teas that provide concentrated healing power to restore vitality and promote longevity. Common health issues are addressed by these 16 different formulas: Liver Chi, Phyto-Soy, Kidney Enhancer, Vitality, Perfect Balance, ChoLess, Longevity, Energizing, Aller-ease, Echinacea Complex, Jubilee, Memory Enhancer, Therapeutica, Meta Slim I, Meta-Slim II, and Magic Fruit.  To enjoy these healthy teas, simply squeeze a dropper of tea concentrate into a glass of hot water and stir.

For a Complete description of product ingredients, information and ordering:  New Spirit Naturals

Omega-Omega - is a rich source of essential fatty acids, and particularily Omega-3, a key Essential Fatty Acid. Omega-Omega contains: organic unrefined flax oil, organic unrefined pumpkin seed oil, organic unrefined borage oil, organic flax seed powder, Evening Primrose oil, and natural mixed tocopherols. 

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