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WATER.....Our lives depend upon it.  But most of us are still drinking water that is nearly lifeless and useless.  The Alka Blue Water Electrolysis System is the most important development in water technology research over the past 100 years.  It performs three major functions at one time: (1) Production of Alkaline Water - through a process of electrolysis, the Alka Blue unit separates positive and negative charged mineral ions and collects the Acid and Alkaline concentrated water into two separate chambers. (2) Superhydrating Micro-Clusters- the electrolysis process breaks the molecular bonding of water molecules and restructures the water clusters from usual groups of 12 or so down to about 5 or 6 molecules per water cluster.  This makes the water you drink much "Wetter" and more easily absorbed into the cells, thereby providing superior hydration for the body. (3) Natural Antioxidant - through electrolysis, the Alka Blue water ionizer produces water with a reduction potential (ORP) of -250 mV to -350mV.  This produces an abundance of electrons that are available as donor electrons to repair free radical reactions throughout the body. 

The Alka Blue unit easily attaches to your kitchen faucet with an adapter (included).  A multi-stage filtration process first filters your water for impurities.  Next, the water passes through the electrolysis chamber of the  unit where the Alkaline ions (essential minerals: calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, sodium and manganese) are separated from the Acidic ions (sulfuric, carbonic, chlorine, fluoride and nitric).  The electronic console allows you to adjust the pH level of the water with five different settings of acidity and alkalinity.

Alka Blue LX IS NOT SIMPLY ANOTHER WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM... it is very important to understand what Alka Blue is not, as well as what it is.  Alka Blue is not just another Water Filtration Systemthat removes chlorine from tap water. (although it does remove chlorine and fluoride)  It is not a Reverse Osmosis System, Water Ozonation System, or UV Purification.The Alka Blue takes essentially "dead" tap water and transforms it into a vibrant, living ionized water, similar to the increasingly rare pristine waters of high mountain streams and pure glacial melt.

IDEAL PH LEVELS- the Alka Blue unit has 4 levels of adjustment (plus Neutral setting) and allows you to adjust the desired pH level of the water from a neutral setting of 7.0 to a high setting of 10.0 pH.  The acidity can be adjusted from 6 to 3.5 pH.  The healthy human body maintains a normal blood pH level of 7.3 to 7.45.  Because blood is 90 percent water, the importance of drinking a high quality water from the Alka Blue cannot be overstated.

Many individuals have a diet and lifestyle that produces an overly acidic condition in the body.  Over the long term, the accumulation of acidic wastes that are not naturally flushed from the body become deposited in various parts of the body, such as joints, connective tissue and internal organs.  This can ultimately contribute to illness or disease.  Alkaline Micro-clustered water is effective in flushing the acidic impurities from the body and creates an improved pH environment that supports better health and wellness. University based research indicates that Micro-cluster water is best recommended for drinking with a pH between 8.5 and 9.5. This is better than drinking ionized alkaline water at pH 10.0 and higher. This data comes from a test reported by the Dept. of Internal Medicine, Ohkura National Hospital & Dept. of Internal Medicine, Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan.

DRINK WETTER WATER - the hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes water wetter than tap or bottled water. These smaller "hexagons" of water molecules are half as large as the water molecule chains that come out of the faucet ( approximately12 molecule clusters) and they permeate cellular membranes quicker so that water is more hydrating and quicker to refresh after strenuous exercise.  As a result, nutrients in food as well as nutritional supplements are transported more effectively in the body.  Micro-cluster water is essentially an advanced structured water delivery system for nutritional supplements, herbs and other nutrients.

MICRO-CLUSTER WATER IS A NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT - as a result of the electrolysis process, the micro-clustered water produced by the Alka Blue LX has an abundance of negative electrons and a measurable oxygen reduction potential (ORP) of -250mV to -350mV. This gives it an affinity for the free radicals that attack and degrade cell tissue.   Micro-cluster water is the ideal antioxidant for repairing free radical damage.  Compared to nutritional antioxidants, Micro-cluster water has a very low molecular weight of 18 as compared to Beta Carotene at 150, Vitamin E at 153 and Vitamin C at 176. 

Quality and Savings  -  some companies say they are saving you money with a lower priced unit.  Some of these bargain systems utilize potentially toxic stainless steel electrodes in their electrolysis chambers.  Stainless steel is a reactive metal and can release nickel and other toxins into your water.  The Alka Blue LX Unit uses the highest quality of 5 Titanium Electrodes, coated with Platinum.  These are non-reactive metals and will not break down under electrolysis.

Alka Blue LX $727.00 + $20 s/h - $30.00 Canada
Alka Blue VF $859.00 + $20 s/h - $30.00 Canada
Special pre-filters Filters & Accessories
Alka Blue Standard Replacement Filter $85.00


System Description Alka Blue LX Alka Blue VF
Manufacturer Nexus Corporation Nexus Corporation
Installation Description Counter top.  No plumbing required Counter top.  No plumbing required
Water Flo Rate Up to 0.75 gal. per min. alkaline or acid water 0 to 0.75 GPM, user regulated adjustment dial. Turn water On or Off direct from control panel
Hot Water and Low Pressure Warning No Yes
Power Usage AC 110v. @ 3 amps AC 110v. @ 3 amps
Dimensions - inches 14 H. x 10 W. x  6 Deep 14 H x 10 W x 6 Deep
Weight 12 pounds 12 pounds
Mineral additive capability Calcium can be added to unit via built-in port Calcium can be added to unit via built-in port
Electrolysis Specifications - -
Processing Type Water flow monitor Water flow monitor
Levels of Adjustment 4 alkaline + 4 acid levels of adjustment 4 alkaline + 4 acid levels of adjustment
Max  Alkaline / Acid pH 3.x acid to 10.x alkaline depending upon water source 3.x acid to 10.x alkaline depending upon water source
Acid water alarm chime audible chime alerts you when acid water runs audible chime alerts you when acid water runs
Processing Consumption Continuous flow processing Continuous flow processing
Electrode Cleaning Auto self-cleaning after each use  Auto self-cleaning after each use 
Ionization Chamber - average 20 year  life Five titanium / platinum plates / 20 yr. lifespan Five titanium / platinum plates / 20 yr lifespan
Filter  - -
Filter  (installed with appliance) Granulated active carbon with Silver / hollow membrane.  Average life - 9 months Granulated active carbon with Silver / hollow membrane. Average life - 9 months
Additional Pre-Filters & Accessories for removal of sediments, parasites, fluoride, chloramines, etc. for removal of sediments, parasites, fluoride, chloramines, etc.
Filtration size Filters down to 0.03 micron particle size Filters down to 0.03 micron particle size
Digital Filter Change Indicator  Digital filter replacement indicator Digital filter replacement indicator
Electrical Protection Approvals CE, ISO 9001, 9002, UL in process CE, ISO 9001, 9002, UL in process
Warranty 2 Year Warranty 2 Year Warranty
 Retail Price  $727.00  $859.00

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