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Inner Pulse Light and Sound Machine by Photosonix 

Built-in sessions: Includes 64 sessions. 
How it works: Sessions are organized in 11 categories: relax, special, meditate, sleep, learn, energize, visualize, entertain, breath pacing,
improv and downloaded. Sessions are selected by selecting a category then a session within the category (so you don't have to wade
through all sessions every time). In any category, the selection process proceeds through the built-in sessions in that category.

Download capability: room for 25 downloaded sessions (stored in u01-u25).  How it works: Downloaded sessions are stored in the download category at download time, a single download can be 1 to 25 sessions. 

AudioStrobe compatible: AudioStrobe* (licensed from Tamas Laboratories) is a registered Trademark of Tamas Laboratories in Germany, who holds the German patent on the technology.

How it works: Signals are recorded on a music CD at a high, inaudible frequency, to control the lights in a light/sound system. An
AudioStrobe decoder detects these signals and uses them to drive the lights of a light/sound system, absolutely in sync with the music. 
Just connect your CD player to the external input of the InnerPulse, and play the CD, with your headphones and glasses connected to the InnerPulse normally, for an amazing AudioStrobe experience. *AudioStrobe CDs are available from ( and other sources on the Internet.

Session run time: A session may be run at 1/2 to 2 (in steps of 1/4) times its designed time and is adjustable. The 3 digit display can
display up to 4 hours of run time; however, downloaded sessions may be designed to run much longer than this.

Pitch: The InnerPulse pitch range is 16Hz to 960Hz, 6 octaves of the just scale, 7 notes/octave. Also, the pitch 2 relative to pitch 1 mode
covers P1 minus 1 to 15 hertz, as well as the P1 plus 1 to 15 hertz. The low frequencies have a very powerful effect with the standard
headphones, for even stronger effects you can use more expensive headphones. We have used the Sony MDR-V6, available at around
$79.00, with good results .

Frequency range: Stimulation frequency on the InnerPulse ranges from 1/4 hertz to 42hertz.  Frequencies go in steps of 1/4 hertz
through 2 hertz, 1/2 hertz through 10 hertz, 1 hertz through 20 hertz and 2 hertz through 42 hertz. The Schumann resonance at 7.8 hertz is also included.

Duty cycle, Phase: Duty cycle control from 1/8 to 7/8 in steps of 1/8 is provided. There are six selectable phasing relationships between
the four stimulation channels (two eyes, two ears) in the pulsed tones. Light phase is also controllable in the binaural beat modes.
Tone selection: There are 8 sound tones, utilizing the two frequencies F1 and F2 and pitches P1 and P2.

Inner Pulse Comes with

Red Led Light Glasses 
Stereo Headphones 
Stereo patch cord 
Computer cable 
Batteries (4 AA) 
AC adapter not included
Free librarian software
Free downloadable sessions
Owner's manual 
1 year warranty

Accessories and replacements

Red or Green glasses $35.00
TruWhite, CoolBlue, Indigo, Ultra Green or Spectrum Pro glasses $99.00
Lightweight Headphones $15.00
PHOTOSONIX carrying bag $25.00
Stereo Cord $3.00
Computer Cable $10.00
Manual $5.00
110 AC Adapter (optional) $10.00
220 AC Adapter not available (6V 300 ma "positive inside")

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