F-Scan2 frequency synthesizer

F-Scan2  is a portable and easy to use frequency synthesizer that is specially programmed to work with Clark and Rife frequencies. It has the capability of scanning the body with a wide range of frequencies in order to detect identical Bio-resonant frequency matches in the body.  The frequencies that are fed into the body come from an internal library of Hulda Clark and Rife frequencies.  The F-Scan2 works through an LCD touch screen system. The individual has a finger sensor attached to the middle finger of their right hand. In the left hand, the subject holds a gold-plated cylinder. The F-Scan first takes a baseline reading, recording the conductivity and personal  standard resonance level. All readings are compared with this and are relayed to the F-Scan screen or to a PC where the individual's information can be logged.  If the F-Scan2 finds a frequency match (for example, the frequency of a virus or bacterium) the F-Scan2 can then apply the corrective frequencies directly to the body.   The unit  can generate sine, square, and pulsed DC waves (so it is a variable frequency Clark zapper too).  One output connector provides a Sine Wave Signal and another output provides a Square Wave Signal.  Both signals are OFFSET to the Positive Polarity, thus creating a broad range of harmonic frequencies for healing.  The output level is adjustable. This is the best technology we have for the price to determine frequencies to neutralize pathogens.  The operating principle of the F-Scan2 is similar to the QXCI Quantum where frequencies are delivered to the body.  If the feedback information from the body indicates the presence of an identical pathogenic frequency (through the principle of resonance), then the F-Scan2 can administer these same frequencies to the body in terms of a corrective dosage in order to neutralize the negative effects of the pathogen.

Highly precise frequencies with sine or rectangular wave forms are digitally synthesized. The most advanced technology is utilized and incorporated into the F-Scan2  which normally require much larger housings and which are generally much more expensive.  All functions of the F-Scan2  are controlled by micro processors.  FS2 can generate individual frequencies in a range from 0.01 Hz to 15 million Hz.  Unit is also pre-programmed for all 235 pathogens identified by Dr. CLARK (with their corresponding frequencies).  These are stored in permanent memory and can be recalled with ease. In addition the new F-Scan2  contains a table of 350 sequences of frequencies based on Royal Rife which are readily available to address numerous symptoms or disorders. 

Wobble Function - the F-Scan2 has a special Wobble function that outputs frequencies in a range Plus or Minus 1,000 Hz. around a target frequency.  This is a valuable feature that addresses the tendency of pathogens to mutate, where their vibratory rate may change from a previous frequency.  Wobbling around the published frequency rate will offer more opportunities for neutralizing the pathogen.

If a PC computer is used, all of the matching resonant frequency hits are displayed on the screen. On the screen you see the frequency, the person's conductivity, and the resonance level. If a computer is not used, hits can be seen on the FS2 screen and then are stored in memory. 

Up to 5 sets of 50 matching frequencies can be stored in the FS2 memory and displayed on a PC computer screen. When it is full, that series can be run, or stored in longer term memory (up to 5 sets of 50 can be saved in memory), or it can be saved as a text file or spreadsheet file. 

The FS2 has a frequency range of 1 Hz to 15,000,000 Hz.  It will do scans of what we usually call Rife frequencies in the range of 1-10,000 Hz. 

F-Scan Product Brochure and the entire operating manual are available as Adobe Acrobat Pdf downloads.  Click on the links below.

F-Scan2 Product Brochure
F-Scan2 Operator Manual

F-Scan2 Main Features 

  • Touch Screen -  backlit monochrome screen - all settings and commands are entered on the touch screen
  • Single Output port on the right side of device can be programmed and provides Sine, Square and Square / 5volt signals
  • Sine wave signals are delivered DC-Offset with a constant amplitude of 10vpp
  • Square wave signal output at FULL WAVE or DC Offset - selectable with a switch. Amplitude adjustable from 0 vpp - 27 vpp or 13.5 vpp
  • Power port on left side of device provides amplified square wave signals synchronized with those available on the Output Port for use with Light or Magnetic Coil adapters, etc.  The output range is from 0.1 Hz. to 1,000,000 Hz. with a constant amplitude of 14 vpp
  • Two frequency tables are permanently stored in memory and items can be selected by index number or with a touch on an alpha-sorted name table and transferred to the operating memory
  • Frequency values between 0.1 Hz and 3,000,000 Hz can be entered for square wave signals and between 0.1 Hz and 15,000,000 Hz for sine wave
  • Permanent memory - has built-in list of 235 pathogens and their frequencies as identified by Dr. Hulda Clark and a listing of 350 Rife frequencies.
  • Integrated adjustable common and multiple individual Timer
  • SWEEP Mode - for wide-band application of frequencies
  • WOBBLE Mode - when enabled, the signal will swing around the target frequency in a band selectable in 27 steps between 10 Hz and 9,000 Hz
  • Sweep - to - Next - mode enables frequency sweeps between any two values of a frequency sequence
  • User accessible memory - provides capacity to store 50 data blocks permanently (until overwritten).  Each data block can consist of up to 50 frequencies (with One decimal, if required), their assigned Signal Form and the Sweep-to-Next choices (if applicable) AND a complete data set of a DIRP run (maximum 1,000 analysis steps).
  • Some user designated settings remain stored after unit is shut off, until the user changes them again.
  • The internal software of the device can be updated via data transmission through the RS232 communication interface without replacing hardware.

F-Scan2 Standard Kit

* F-Scan2 Frequency Sythesizer
* Finger electrode (DIRP function - see below)
* Application Cable with CYNCH connectors
* 2 hand-held electrodes - Gold plated 
* 1 pair TENS Electrodes for body contact
* F-SCAN P.C. software - version 1.61B 
* Data cable for RS232 interface
* Instruction manual with CLARK and RIFE frequency tables
* Universal Power Supply - AC-adapter. Input:100/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Output: 15 V DC, 800mA
* Optional battery pack rechargeable battery - $331.00

F-Scan2 Optional Accessories

* Imprinter - for homeopathic remedy transfer - $119.00
* Magnetic therapy applicator disk - $48.00
* Optional battery pack Rechargeable battery. Rated voltage 7.2VDC. Operating temp. 10°C - 40°C (50°F - 104°F). Capacity: 1.700 mAh - $331.00.

DIRP (Dual Integration Resonance Procedure) is an automated procedure to get a resonance feedback from an applicant if a frequency in the upper (CLARK) or lower (RIFE) frequency band is fed to him. The resonant frequencies found are stored and may be used for a subsequent application. Specific prerequisites (detailed in the Instruction Manual) have to be met in order to optimize the procedure.

DIRP functions like a SCAN. A frequency is fed to the applicant via the handheld electrode held in the left hand. If resonance is found, the signal will be sensed by the special finger electrode and stored in memory. The range of the DIRP can be defined with the setting of a lower frequency limit <FMIN> and an upper frequency limit <FMAX>. The step size (DELTA F) between measurements can be defined too.

F-Scan2 Specifications

* Case - aluminum
* Dimensions - 200mm x 100mm x 60mm
* Touchscreen - monochrome - 82mm x 62mm / 320 x 240 Pixel
* Minimum frequency selection - 0.1 Hz.
* Frequency stability - 20 ppm
* Memory - operating portion stores up to 50 frequencies with individual parameters in several functions during operation
* Permanent memory - stores approximately 6000 frequency values in tables, Time functions, Sweep parameters & DIRP
* Power Supply - universal AC adapter: Input 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz.  Output - 15 vDC, 800mA
* Power Port - Square wave - positive DC-Offset - 14 vpp / 200 mA
* Output Range - 0.1 Hz. to 15,000,000 Hz.

Multi-signal Output

a. Sine wave - positive DC-Offset - amplitude preset to 10 vpp
b. Square Full Wave - amplitude adjustable from 0 to 27 vpp 
c. Square wave - positive DC-Offset - amplitude adjustable 0 to 13.5 vpp
d. Square wave - positive DC-Offset - amplitude preset to 5 vpp

* European Union Device Classification - Medical Device Class 1, Type B, EN60601 , Regulation 93/42 EEC

F-Scan2  -  $4,495.00 < special sale price $3995.00 >

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Note: the F-Scan2 is imported from europe and prices may change without notice due to changing values of the Dollar against the Euro.
Date of last page update is Mar. 15, 2004.

Disclaimer: the F-Scan II is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.

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