Far Infrared Therapy Products


Far Infrared Dome 

This FIR Dome design concentrates Far Infrared Heat on the Torso or Back for a deeply penetrating therapy.  Insulated end flaps keep the heat enclosed in the dome.

Costs Hundreds of Dollars less than similar MLM product.
Padded mat is not included with purchase.

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Vita-Mat Far Infrared Mat 

The Vita-Mat Far Infrared Mat features a unique patented wiring design that eliminates the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution.   Dual heating controls. 

Two sizes to choose from:  Queen Size and Single Size

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Personal Far Infrared Sauna

The perfect soluton for busy people on the move.  A light- weight, portable Far-Infrared Sauna that is easy to set up and fold away.  Unlike far infrared mats or lamps that focus the far infrared energy on a smaller area. The personal infrared sauna treats your entire body, just like expensive saunas costing thousands of dollars.  Three Far infrared emitters (2 sides and 1 back.) This unit is great for home use, the office or traveling. Two sizes - reg. and X-large

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Far Infrared Space Capsule

This enclosed multi-sensory environment is an all-inclusive rest and relaxation Spa featuring Dry Sauna, Far Infrared heating, Steam Sauna, Vibrational Massage bed with Radiating Heat, Aromatherapy, Stereo Sound System and Negative Ion Breeze.  It even has a gentle wake-up chime at the end of your session..  Space Capsule is a high-end piece of equipment designed for the discriminating home user or commercial Spa or Therapy Center.

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TDP Mineral Lamps 

TDP Far Infrared Mineral Lamps from China.  Three models to choose from:

* Single Head Digital Control Floor Lamp

* Single Head Digital Control Desk Lamp

* Dual Head Floor Lamp

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Lightwave - Led and Infrared Led Therapy

A hand held Led light therapy device featuring:

10 - 660 nm red LEDs 
12 - 880 nm Infra-Red LEDs 
14 - 940 nm Infra-Red LEDs 

Use for aches and pains, muscle & joint stiffness, etc.

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Sauna Mate II  - Far Infrared Sauna

The SaunaMate II is a Two person Far Infrared Sauna
Plugs into any 120-volt outlet (No additional professional wiring required)
Ceramic heaters
Free shipping to US customers
Digital Controls inside and out
High Quality tongue & grove inside & out
Assembles in minutes without tools
Quality Hand crafted Hemlock wood
Built in stereo speakers and SONY CD player
Meets or exceeds all USA and European standards

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