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Feed the Brain and the Body through the Ear

Music's overtones, high-frequency tones that you may not even notice, can profoundly energize and invigorate our ears, brain and total body. The Echofone Ultrasonic Listening System reproduces the fine structural information which is contained in these overtones, and has a direct effect on the emotions of the listener.

By allowing you to perceive spatial information embedded within high frequencies, music and sounds gain dimension. You can actually sense where the instruments are located in a recorded orchestration when perceived through the Echofone. Music heard through the Echofone has a startling richness and a deeply relaxing effect.

How it works

Connect your Tape or CD player to the "Audio In" jack.  Plug your stereo headphones into the "Audio Out" jack.  Connect the Ultrasound Transducers to the "Head Out" connector. 

Two blue knobs on the instrument front panel are for adjusting the headphone volume and the ultrasound transducer volume.

Incoming high-frequency sound - from your Tape or CD Player is converted to ultrasound and transmitted to ultrasound transducers which are applied to the head near the temples. The ultrasound travels though your skin to the middle and inner ear, where it is perceived as high frequency audible sound. If you have any high frequency hearing loss, such as damaged caused by exposure to loud sounds,

Echofone allows perception of the full dynamic range of music without missing the high frequencies.  Your musical experience takes on new dimensions of full spectrum sound with all of its nuances and emotional depth.

Echofone Kit -  Single user only

  • Echofone
  • User Guide
  • Ultrasound Transducers
  • Adjustable Headband
  • 110v AC Adapter
  • Audio Cable
  • Headphone Adapter
  • Digital Headphones 
Echo Phone

Extends High-Frequency
Perception of Sounds

Greatly Increases Fidelity
of Quality Recordings
such as CD, DAT, DVD

Greatly Enhances Spatial
Dimension of Sounds

Charges Music and Speech
with Emotional Impact

Great for Learning 
Languages and Meditation




Ordering  Echofone

We do not offer on-line ordering. Please phone, fax or email your
order.  Shipping time is normally within 5 to 7 days.  Free ground shipping for U.S. and Canada. Payment by Visa, M.C., American Ex. Discover.  We also accept checks and direct bank deposits

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