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Body Vibes CD-encoded Bio-Energy Realignment System is a unique bio-energy system that incorporates Single and Multiple recorded frequencies on a set of 14 CD disks, encompassing a myriad of bio-energy alignment protocols. Unlike a number of instruments advertised as electronic frequency generators, the Body Vibes System operates in a very unique way.  CD recordings of original Rife frequency protocols are fed into the Body Vibes Unit via a Portable CD Player. The frequencies are then amplified and modulated by the Body Vibes Unit and applied through arm-band electrodes, for various applications.  With Body Vibes patented electrode system, there is no electrical sensation experienced during application.  Body Vibes is not a system of music therapy.  You do not listen to the CDs.  Individual protocols as well as individual frequencies, can be replayed at any time by entering the proper track number.

The combined and modulated frequencies that are recorded on the Body Vibes CD Protocols also incorporate heterodyned Phi Ratios and sub-harmonic pulsing. The amplitude of the harmonic bandwidth is enhanced without voltage degradation. Modulating the inherent harmonics is an essential attribute of the Body Vibes System.

To use the Body Vibes system, just plug the Body Vibes Unit into your portable CD players Line-Out-Jack.  Next, connect one or two electrode cable wires into the Body Vibes Unit (two-user capability).   Slip the Arm-band electrodes onto your forearms and snap the electrode wire connectors onto the armbands.  Then simply allow the CD program to play for its duration, or isolate a particular track and allow it to repeat for 40 to 90 minutes.  Body Vibes includes complete accessories to allow two users at one time.  Expansion units may be special ordered to serve groups of individuals at one time, running the same program.

Using the 14 CD Titles

The 14 CD titles are designed to be used in two phases:  the initial screening process involves a 7 CD protocol.  Each CD focuses on a range of imbalances associated with chronic conditions, utilizing specific and harmonically combined frequencies.  Upon completion of the 7 B.I.A.S. protocols, a maintenance program can easily be implemented through periodic screening applications.  The remaining 7 CD's facilitate homeostasis working in concert with the 7 B.I.A.S. CDs. 

The 7 Homeostasis CDs include

* Attune CD (enhance energy, sacred geometry phi ratios, mood moderation)
* Liver Detoxification 
* Lung Vibes 
* Mind CD (deep relaxation, delta-theta-alpha waves) 
* General Pain
* Balance (circulatory, hormonal, Lymph) 
* B.L.M. CD (bone, ligament, muscle) facilitating structural support; all of which include a myriad of uses.

Our research with Body Vibes Technology has shown that the majority of clients, who incorporate Vibrational Modalities in their approach to wellness, experience Reduced Infirmity and Greater Vitality, Clearer Thinking with a Sense of Balance and Well Being. It is the primary purpose of Body Vibes Technology to facilitate Mind / Body Health through education, awareness and life style modifications.

The heterodyning (combining of frequencies as to produce beats) of Phi Harmonics is a new innovation in electromagnetic therapy. This process incorporates infra-sound chords based on powers of PHI to facilitate a synergistic outcome. The chord arrangement of PHI RATIOS have a recursive propensity which is congruent with our Innate Cellular Matrix.  It is this Meta-Physical aspect of our Innate Being that is an ESSENTIAL LINK to maintaining Mind / Body Wellness.

CD Recording and Encoding Process

Proven fundamental protocols are simultaneously recorded with relative harmonics on a CD medium to create additional beat frequencies, increasing the effectiveness of the target's frequency. The signals of six frequency generators of various bandwidths are coupled and combined through an audio mixer. An equalizer, harmonizer and compressor/expander are introduced to facilitate the harmonic bandwidth and recording quality. Each CD protocol is then tuned on an Oscilloscope, Frequency Counters and a Voltmeter to the electronics of the Body Vibes unit, after which a master CD is recorded.


Recorded on a CD medium and applied synchronously to a living being, proven specific fundamental frequencies are combined with relevant harmonics. Scalar waves are blended with the Bi-Phase Electromagnetic Wave output. Phi Ratios in the delta/theta/alpha range are also incorporated to entrain the Body/Mind on inherent fractals that are congruent with our Intrinsic Cellular Resonance. The composite frequencies exiting the Body Vibes unit via 2 separate cables are affixed to color coded armbands. The net result enables one to become Physically, Mentally and Emotionally receptive to the B.I.A.S. process and Homeostasis CD protocols.

Complete Body Vibes System Includes

* Body Vibes Unit 
* 14 therapeutic CDs
* Specially calibrated CD player
* Rechargeable 9.6-volt Battery 
* AC Adapter / Charging Unit (120 Volts) 
* Two sets of connector cables
* Two Pair of Arm Band Electrodes
* Electrode Gel 
* Technical Support for the duration of ownership

Body Vibes Accessories

Additional Compact Disc:$15.00
Custom Compact Discs:  $25.00
Armband Electrodes (Pair) $15.00
Electrode Gel: $8.00

Body Vibes Rife CD System - $895.00 

* Shipping U.S. & Canada $25.00.


Disclaimer: the Body Vibes is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.  Any individual results may vary.

Ordering Body Vibes

We do not offer on-line ordering. Please phone, fax or email your
order.  Shipping time is normally within 5 to 7 days.  Shipping for U.S. and Canada add $25.00.  Payment by Visa, M.C., American Ex. or Discover.  We also accept checks and direct bank deposits

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