This page is a copy of Dr. Bob Beck's Paper Titled: Instant Bio Energization: Preliminary Suggestions for use of MRT Bio-Energizer II "Microwave Resonance Therapy." Copyright 1990 / 1992 / 1993 Revision Jan. 1994.

Note: At the present time, Dr. Beck is no longer making the Bio-Energizer II instrument. Dr. Beck's paper is included in order to provide a theoretical and educational background for an understanding of our Wolf-Tek and MRT units which incorporate these designs.

Disclaimer: the Wolf-Tek is not a medical device.  It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  Wolf-Tek is an experimental electronic instrument and any individual results may very. If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

Advanced Clarifications For Health Professionals

Man is a Bio-Cosmic resonator. His body-mind-spirit are exquisitely sensitive to subtle energy influences including electromagnetic waves and fields both local and planetary. For example, the positions of inner planets and their gravity vectors are scientifically shown to directly influence sunspots and solar flares which in turn affect all Iife forms from crops and animals to health and disease cycles in human beings. (See the classic Man. Weather. Sun by Peterson.)

Today's "Subtle Energy Medicine" has redirected attention to these ephemeral forces affecting our inner balance, health, and bio-energetic patterns. Buzz-words abound, such as scalar waves, bio-energetics, informational, morphogenetic, or "L" fields (Reference: Sheldrake and Burr), non-linear waves, plasma, chi energies, vibrational and electromedicine patterns, soliton propagation in nerve pathways (Adey and Lawrence), Qi Gong, Electroporation (Weaver), etc. This overview will attempt to shed light on provocative but not well understood concepts.

Remember: Healing works in spite of the theory of the healer, seldom because of it. And if it works, don't fix it! Physicists can't yet tell us what electricity is, but let's attempt to clarify a few commonly used nebulous terms. Time and history are proving the effectiveness of these subtle energies on human health.

Chi (QI) Oriental term for life energy forces flowing in acupuncture meridians. Primal bio-energy.

Plasma: ionized gases like lightning, neon signs, sparks, glow-tubes, strobe lights, fireballs, etc. Plasma occurs when high-voltage makes air or rare gases conductive causing an arc, spark, corona or glow. Current flow knocks electrons out of their normal orbital positions and they jump to an adjacent higher ring. When the voltage field collapses, electrons jump back to their former positions and photons (light) is emitted. Among the rare gases in air that can be electrically excited to plasma are neon, xenon, krypton, argon, etc. You can readily observe the MRT- Bio Energizer's plasma as flashes of light produced by each spark.

Scalar Wave: Scalars are believed to induce information propagation not power. S-waves are considered longitudinal not transverse. Some postulate them to be the dA/dT and dø/dT terms in Maxwell's equations (Reference: Bearden, Curtin, Hooper, Baxter, etc.) They can occur as side effects in high-voltage non-linear "impulses" (very fast rise-time and very short duration events such as electrical spark discharges), "Intentional" thoughts or strong emotions. Some consider them closer to "life energies". or chi than to electrical forces. Scalars are enhanced by H-vector canceling back-wound "bucking" coils (Ref: I.W. Hooper's U.S. patent #3,656,013 April 11, 1972 on "Generating Motional Electrical Fields") and may be detected by coupling a special antenna into an unbalanced Wheatstone Bridge containing phase-leading capacitors in one leg and phase-lagging inductors in the other. This can provide a time-differential second derivative that converts a small portion of the scalars to Hertzian analogs that are then detected, amplified and measurable with standard technology. Scalars can generally be detected by critically balanced Forman oscillators (a plasma cloud rotating in a magnetic field between the anode and cathode of a critically biased and selected type 929 vacuum phototube). The tube's output is amplified and scalars can be heard as "chirps". Patents on this exquisitely sensitive H and E field, psi-field and scalar detector are now in public domain. (U.S. Pat. #3,356,964 - Dec. 5,1967.) Many years ago Dr. William Tiller of Stanford University demonstrated a scalar "Psycho-Kinesis" detector using a modified Geiger-Mueller tube of similar function. Model II MRT's are shown to be very rich in scalars.

lontophoresis: A term used by Roy Kupsinel, MD. in describing a fascinating effect observable with both piezoelectric and MRT Bio Energizers. A pill, pharmaceutical, nosode, homeopathic remedy or other substance is placed in contact with Ho-Ku governor point Ll 4. An energizer is positioned on top and activated for about fifteen seconds. With many subjects, the effect is as though the substances had been actually ingested or injected. There is currently no acceptable scientific explanation for these observations unless the spark is somehow transferring molecular information directly into meridians. This may be the mechanism by which homeopathic nosodes or electrically potentized remedies convey healing energies to a living organism. Dr. Glen Rein when at Stanford University demonstrated that laser beams can carry information from a substance to a culture over distance. The culture responds like the substance was physically present. A similar mechanism may be at work with Dr. Ludwig's Vitasette, Metronom, Mora, and Indumed in which ions of beneficial substances are implanted in ferric core materials in vacuum by high-voltage bombardment. Ludwig claims that biologically significant healing information from the substances is transferred to the patient via electromagnetic pulses. This is reminiscent of Gerwich's"Mitogenic Radiation".

Must Energizers be positioned precisely over a point? No. Unlike needles which must be inserted precisely, MRT's irradiate areas of over an inch in diameter. Exposing adjacent points simultaneously doesn't cause interference TWO MRT's can effectively be used simultaneously to cut treatment times in half.


Electric fish were used centuries ago to shock patients and cure pain. The results were usually excellent. (See the Bakken Museum of Electromedicine in Minneapolis, Minnesota.)

In the basement of Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian Museum are electrostatic spark generators called "Influence machines". They were used extensively for rheumatic and gout pains in the late 1700's.

During the late 1800's and early 1900's, numerous battery-driven induction coils and hand-cranked "Wimshurst" electrostatic generators and magnetos were sold as medical devices. Many worked better than pharmaceuticals.

In 1891 Nikola Tesla suggested many beneficial effects from high-frequency therapy, and with no side affects.

In 1897, Dr. Fredrick Finch Strong, an American physician, developed a high-frequency "vacuum electrode" tube used successfully for therapy. This pre-dated the remarkably similar Royal Rife ray tube by over a quarter of a century.

About 1910 the Flexner Report, funded by John D. Rockefeller to discourage electromedicine (because he had purchased interests in pharmaceutical manufacturers) all but destroyed the credibility of electrical treatments by falsely branding all such devices as quackery.

From the 1920's until WW2, Georges Lakhovsky and Jacques d'Arsonval developed a Multiple Wave Oscillator with a Tesla-coil driven array of concentric ring dipole antennas providing a very wide band of radio-frequency and microwave energies that were proven repeatedly to reverse numerous human and animal diseases, including cancer. (See Beck, R.C., B.S.R.A. journal, November 1963).

In the 1930's, Dr. S.S. Nehru, scientist/brother of India's former prime minister published a classic do-it-yourself medical book entitled True Rural Uplift Educator. describing numerous miraculous cures of farm animals and human patients with a homemade device consisting of an automobile spark plug driven with a battery-operated high-voltage spark coil.

In about 1960, Art Chambers created the Acuspark, an idea prompted by piezo-electric cigarette lighters.

In Japan, Kilo Matsumoto and Dr. Manaka used Panasonic "Pachi, Pachi" gas igniters in combination with acupuncture for 'ion' therapy.

Other "gas matches" and similar devices, both pressure-operated piezo electric and continuous sparking battery-driven units (Taiwan patent # 32980) became available around ten years ago and were adopted by many holistic medical practitioners and acupuncturists. Success rates averaged double that of traditional needle acupuncture.

In February 1990, a delegation of Soviet scientists and M.D.s visited California and demonstrated what appears to be a rediscovery of low-level high-frequency "microwave" treatment modalities. They postulated "Microwave Resonance Therapy" or MRT. With an impressive backlog of over 8000 case histories, physicist Dr. Sitko demonstrated effective results for 60 diseases with an essentially similar Tesla-coil type sparker he sells for $18,000.00 (Yes, eighteen thousand dollars! Price was recently raised to $50,000.!) Since Sitko used extended solid plastic tips that muffle sounds from the spark gap, his instruments required much longer treatment times than our MRT Bio-Energizer II due to the greater distance (inverse square law) between spark and skin. Sitko's MRT signals were thoroughly analyzed by the writer using highly sophisticated electronic measurements with numerous instruments and were found to be essentially identical and indistinguishable from this Bio-Energizer's spectra, wave forms, and frequencies. The model 11 Bio-Energizer however has much higher power output levels, newly added F.E.N.S.. (Field Effect Neural Stimulation capacitive coupling capability), plus power enhancements for deeper and faster tissue penetration.

Electromagnetic signatures from any repeating spark (and Soviet MRT ) instruments can easily be identified audibly by tuning an AM (never FM) radio between stations on any band, then operating energizers close to the radio. Harmonics appear everywhere on the dial from very low frequencies to Gigahertz bands, demonstrating the broad spectrum output of "impulse" generators as opposed to "coherent" sine-wave, single-frequency stimulators.

Well documented medical records from time to time report almost unbelievable incidents of middle aged and elderly persons struck by lightning who somehow survived and regrew a third set of perfect teeth, heads of dark youthful hair after being bald for many years, perfect eyesight without glasses, and full recoveries from near-crippling diseases, etc. If this were controllable or even remotely understood, it might well usher in a new age of rejuvenation! Today, you may not have to be struck by lightning to reap the benefits of MRT Bio-Energization.

By Robert C. Beck, Physicist, Electrical Engineer

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