BCX 211 and 411
RF Plasma Frequency Instrument

True Rife -Type RF (Radio Frequency)  Technology  - The Most Advanced Instrument In Its Field

Introducing an extraordinary  new, Fully-Programmable RF  plasma energy research instrument

A major breakthrough in frequency technology, the BCX  211 controller and BCX 411 RF (radio frequency) noble gas tube module is built with the ultimate standards for the professional  scientific research community and independent home researcher. This is  NOT just another off-the-shelf frequency generator but is an entirely NEW  solid-state instrument. The BCX 211 is the result of many years of intensive  laboratory research and testing which truly brings frequency instruments  into the 21st century with unequaled precision and performance. Hundreds  of scientists and researchers have validated the effectiveness the BCX series you can participate and share in the same brilliant technology.  The future is here.

Cost - only $2,695.00 (includes the 211 and 411 modules and free shipping in U.S.)

BCX 211 - 411 Features and Capabilities:

 In a major advance over other frequency devices, the  BCX 211 has: 

* Two modules: the BCX 211 can stand alone as a footplate / hand electrode system, or the BCX 211 module can be connected to the BCX 411 module for a greatly enhanced RF (radio frequency) broadcast that is deeply penetrating and very rich in frequency harmonics. The BCX 411 module is fully programmable from the 211.

* Qualified for official UL listing 544 Patient Connected for researchers

* Standard stainless steel hand cylinders and foot plates and also sticky pad electrodes

* 60 volt output,  peak-to-peak, without using a transformer (BCX 211 unit)

* Innovative circuitry to produce a very rapid rise-time for harmonic-rich impulses

* Memorizes your favorite frequency sequences so you  can automatically run them anytime

* Infinite push-button tuning in .5 Hz increments up to a 40,000 Hz capability ( plus harmonics).  A researcher can therefore tune the BCX 211 to ANY frequency or fraction thereof for the most precise investigative work possible. This is also extremely important because of the many new proven frequencies now becoming available. Many other units are pre-programmed and only allow you to select programs from a menu that translates into various frequencies.  For example, the Energy Wellness Rife Generator, among others.

Important - The BCX 211-411 can also be used in a pulsed  mode, if desired. It has been determined that pulsing is more advantageous for longer periods due to the subject's compensations during a non-pulsed or steady frequency input. 


  • frequency adjustment in 0.5 Hz. increments to 40,000 Hz.
  • Voltage - 32 volts maximum
  • Peak to peak voltage - 60 volts maximum 
  • Output impedance - 1000 ohms
  • Output current - 0 to 30 mA.
  • 50 percent Duty Cycle pulse mode
  • Waveform - squarewave / bipolar
  • 8 program memory channels
  • 17 personal frequency sequences
  • Timer - 1 min. up to 39 min.

Need more information about Rife and his Instruments?  Read this informative 23 page Pdf article 

 A History of Rife's Instruments and Frequencies 

BCX 411 Plasma Ray Tube Module

The Newest In Rife -Type RF Powered Gas Tube Technology
For Unprecedented Efficiency

Now you can reach the maximum capabilities and potential  in frequency with the most advanced gas plasma delivery system available.  Our new convenient hand held RF (radio frequency) Ray Tube technology accelerates  and maximizes the potential of energy research in ways previously unavailable. 

The BCX 411 module does not operate by itself and must be connected to its BCX 211 controller unit

The Plasma Ray Tubes are radio frequency (RF) powered, which means your selected frequencies are broadcast WITHOUT LIMITATION.  The days of limited efficiency with stainless steel footplates and hand  cylinders are OVER! Simply connect your BCX 411 via a 5-pin cable to your BCX 211 programmable controller and the frequencies are routed directly  to and through the ionized plasma Ray Tubes via normal radio frequencies. This  extraordinary delivery system is unmatched and penetrates the entire target  area fully and completely.  The energy focus is the most concentrated at the site of application, but also affects the entire body as well.

The Glass tubes may be applied in many different ways including:

  • apply the tip of the glass tube onto acupuncture points
  • on chiropractic trigger points
  • apply to Reflexology points
  • apply to Chakra locations
  • simply grasp one tube in each hand
  • apply a tube on either side of an injury or stress area
Our Ray Tubes use only the most durable Quartz Glass which are evacuated of Air, Fire-Quenched, and filled with a mixture of five different Inert Gasses known as Noble Gasses (Argon, Neon, Krypton, Xenon, Helium)  The difference in effectiveness between  stainless steel hand and foot electrodes is profound and has been proven  in scores of trials and settings, including a major study in conjunction  with a well-known Colorado sports team in a clinic there.  We include three kinds of applicators (foot plates, hand-held rods and glass tubes) in order to offer our customers the greatest level of choice. 

ÝThe high voltage / low current radio frequency (RF) energy ionizes the noble gases into a plasma state. The RF energy then passes through the capacitance of the glass evenly and thoroughly, permeating the desired area, as well as the body as a whole.

The RF glass tube unit, being Monopolar, has only 1 wire connected to each of the 2 Glass Tubes, so that when the Tubes are used on an area of the body, that area absorbs the Modulated Audio and R.F. carrier energy with the return path of the circuit being completed through the capacitance of the body. Stated simply, the body completes the circuit between the 2 Glass Tubes.

The RF energy is produced by an electronic circuit that  derives its signal from a pulsed repetition rate within the audio frequency  spectrum. This pulsed rate has been shown over many years to be of superior value much like the benefits derived from normal exercise. 

Each BCX RF Plasma Frequency Instrument (consisting of  the BCX 211 and BCX 411) comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee and a full six month warranty on all parts and circuits. (Warranty does  not cover misuse or inappropriate use of this research instrument.) We  stand behind our products 100%. 
Price of the complete BCX RF 211 & 411 Plasma Frequency Instrument -  $2695.00  includes FREE UPS ground shipping in U.S.
Includes both modules, footplates, stainless steel hand electrodes, body stick-on electrodes, glass tube electrodes, carrying/storage case, operating instructions.

Disclaimer: the BCX RF 211 & 411 Plasma Frequency Instrument is not a medical device.  It is an experimental electronic instrument. It is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, cure or mitigation of any disease in humans or animals.  It is not designed to affect the structure or function of any system in the body.  If you have a health-related condition that requires medical attention, always consult with a licensed health care professional.

BCX 211 / 411

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