ALKA BLUE LX        Filters & Accessories
Item Description Retail Price
J & P Ultra Filter Replacement Filter for Alka Blue LX $85.00
 Carbon Block Prefilter Counter top pre-filter for 0.5 micron
particle removal including
Cryptosporidium & Giardia
Sediment Prefilter In-line filter for removing sediment $21.00
Chloramine Prefilter Prefilter to remove Chloramines $88.00
Fluoride and Arsenic Counter top prefilter just for
Fluoride and arsenic
J & P Calcium Supplemental calcium cartridge to
improve unit performance with low
calcium water sources such as R/O
$12.00 for 2 pak.
Hanna ORP Meter Pocket-size ORP meter to measure
 your water electrical charge
Hanna pH Meter Measures your water pH $67.00
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