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AcuScen Pro

AcuScen Features:

The Russian scientists who developed Scenar are constantly striving to improve upon the design, efficiency and effectiveness
of this marvelous technology.  The AcuScen series of Scenar incorporate numerous improvements not seen in previous models.

  • Ergonomic Design - AcuScen fits neatly and naturally into your hand.  It is not bulky or boxy like the previous 97.4 Plus
  • Dual Electrode - there are two contact electrodes built into the unit. (1) on the end  and (2) on the bottom surface
  • Back-Lighted Display - the display screen is back-lighted for clear viewing of readouts
  • Time-Delayed Readouts - readouts and indicator values remain on-screen longer to facilitate transcription of numbers
  • Programmable Memory - custom design and store up to 5 personal programs designed for individual patient needs, etc.
  • Power Source - unit operates from two AA batteries with integrated battery post.  No tearing or breaking of leadwires
  • Fast Order Fulfillment - receive your AcuScen within 1 week 

AcuScen Pro - $2,395.00 

The AcuScen Pro model features three output working modes including - Auto, Manual, and Scan.  The Auto and Manual output options are the same in the AcuScen Basic Model and the Pro Model.  The AcuScen Pro model features the SCAN Mode - which is the diagnosis, feedback and automatic dosage calculation.

Auto Dosage Mode - the unit administers a constant dose of energetic output according to pre-established, fixed parameters.  See the chart below for more information.  Auto Mode is ideal for those quick-fix situations that call for a dosage of electronic first-aid. As soon as the electrode touches the skin, the unit emits a measured dose.

Manual Mode - this offers the widest range of operator-adjustable parameters (similar to the Diag. 0 mode in the 97.4 Plus model Scenar).  Refer to the chart below for a complete listing of  device adjustments. 

Programmable- combine any of the operator adjustable outputs to create and store up to Five custom programs.  This feature is a great time saver when working with different patients on a series of treatment sessions.  For example, set the unit for Swing Mode and access this with the push of a button.

Scan Mode -  (Pro Model Only) this operating mode incorporates the complete energetic diagnosis, bio-feedback and automatic dosage of the application point.  Scan Mode offers operator adjustment of a full range of output parameters.  See table below.

AcuScen Basic Model -  $1,495.00

The AcuScen basic model is designed for everyday home use by non-professionals or by the professional operator when expanded features are not required.  The unit operates in Auto Dosage Mode and in Manual Mode.  In Auto Mode one may only adjust the energy intensity and all other outputs are fixed.  The unit quickly delivers a constant Dosage of energy based upon the fixed parameters listed in the chart below.  This setting is ideal for quick first aid treatment of minor muscle aches and pains, etc.  The Acuscen Basic model is not capable of the sophisticated bio-feedback and adjustment functions offered in the Pro Model.

The Manual Mode of the AcuScen basic model offers the same full range of operator adjustment features as the AcuScen Pro Model including memory for Five custom programs. (refer to chart below). 

Optional Accessory Electrodes for both Models

  • Small Area Electrode - $150.00
  • Hair Electrode - $150.00
  • Acu-Point Electrode - $125.00

AcuScen features two built-in electrode contacts

Acuscen Pro and AcuScen Home Model Functions

Both Models operate in Auto and Manual Mode.  Only the Pro Model has  SCAN Mode

S (select)
Auto Mode
Energy Output (adjustment units) 1 to 99  adjustable
- Frequency  (Hz) 77 constant
- Damping  (waveform alteration)  No options constant
- Modulation Adjustment No options constant
- Depth  (grouping of impulses) 2 constant
Energy Output (adjustment units) 1 to 99 adjustable
- Frequency  (Hz) VAR, 10,...30,...77,...120,...383 adjustable
- Damping (waveform alteration) 1, 2, 3 and OFF adjustable
- Modulation Adjustment 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 1:3, 3:1, 1:4, 4:1, 1:5, 5:1, OFF adjustable
- Depth  (grouping of impulses) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Var, Auto adjustable
Scan Mode incorporates the auto-adjusting bio-feedback function. Available on Pro Model only
  Energy Output (adjustment units) 1 to 99 adjustable
Frequency  (Hz) VAR, 10,...30,...77,...120,...383 adjustable
- Damping  (waveform alteration) 1, 2, 3,  and OFF adjustable
- Modulation Adjustment 1:1, 1:2, 2:1, 1:3, 3:1, 1:4, 4:1, 1:5, 5:1, OFF adjustable
- Depth  (grouping of impulses) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Var, Auto adjustable

Ordering AcuScen

We do not offer on-line ordering. Please phone, fax or email your order.  Shipping time is normally within 5 to 7 days.  Free shipping for U.S. Payment by Visa, M.C., American Ex. or Discover.  We also accept checks and direct bank deposits

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