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Since 1985, we have offered the latest in vibrational energy technologies for Peak Performance, Stress Reduction, Accelerated Learning Expanded Consciousness and more. Among our selections are: BT-7 "Brain Tuner" by Dr.Bob Beck, Mind Machines, Scenar, Zappers, Colloidal Silver Generators, Rife Generators, Ozonators, Magnetic Field Therapy and other subtle energy tools.  Our goal is to offer our customers a wide range of Life-Enhancing Products for personal change and wellness.  While many of these devices have related benefits, each is unique in its own special way.  If you have difficulty deciding which product is right for you please call or send us an E-mail and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.  Each item listed below is a link to that particular instrument. 

You may also view all of our products at one glance in the thumbnail gallery and link to the item page from there.  This website does not feature a shopping cart.  Many of the items are custom made and special ordered and can take extra time for delivery.  Be sure to visit our Health and Beauty Products Section for the highest quality super foods, supplements and other health aides.  The perfect complement to our bio-energetic healing instruments!

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Zappers - CES - Colloidal Silver  Rife Frequency  Generators & More
The Brain Tuner  - BT-7  by Dr. Bob Beck Photon Sound Beam VIII and Essential Photon Sound Beam
CES Ultra - Microcurrent stimulator for depression, anxiety Pyro-Energen - body energy charger to neutralize virus
Silver Pulser - combination colloidal silver maker & Beck zapper Gary Wade's - ultrasound Rife frequency generator
Super-Silver - 2000 parts per million in 32 ounce bottle Lakhovsky Multiwave Oscillator - MWO
Life Force 2000 - electronic frequency alignment device SEAD 6000 DC - Lakhovsky and Tesla technology
Wolf-Tek - bio-energy balancer Pointer Plus - electroacupuncture Body Vibes - CD based Rife Generator - Discontinued item
Dr. Clark Super Zapper Deluxe  smart keys & program drivers Revitalizer - Multiwave Oscillator
Mini FG - frequency generator  1 Hz. to 1 million Hz. BCX 211 - 411 - Radio Frequency Rife Generator
F-SCAN-2 - with preset Clark and Rife frequencies Mini FG - frequency generator  1 Hz. to 1 million Hz.
Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy Biofeedback & Consciousness
QRS - pulsed magnetic field therapy system  - Good Scenar - also - Skenar - professional and home models
Magnopro - pulsed magnetic field therapy system - Better -
Curatron - pulsed magnetic field therapy system - Best Psychic Sensor - remote bio-field energy analyser
Brainwave Harmonizer - Regenerator SE-5 Plus - Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer radionics tool
Solomon II - Zen meditator, learning, sleep, stress, more Harmonic Translation System - computerized healing system
Magnetic Pulser - MPG5 by Sota Instruments Bio Mirror II - psychotronics broadcaster & analyzer
Bio-Medici - EMF protection and much more
Water Systems and Ozonators
Subtle Energy Instruments
Q2 Water Energy Spa - the original from Australia Resonance Key - Electronic homeopathy with 135,000 patterns
Alka Blue LX - microcluster water - alkalizer & ionizer Bio-Energizer - electronic chi gong energy balancer
Water Ozonators - Three different Models Aura Balance Accumulator - a passive subtle energy balancing tool
Nature-Kleen - water Ozonator Scenar - also - Skenar - professional and home models
Water Ozonator -200 - a 215 mg/hr unit for only $199.00 Pyramid Orgone Energizer
Light and Sound Technologies
Swing Machines - Passive Aerobic Exercisers
Echofone - a full spectrum sound experience Swing Machines - selections & comparison chart
Photosonix  -  Nova Pro 100, Inner Pulse, Luma 10, Muse Sharp We offer the following passive aerobic exercise machines:
Reson-8 - miniature binaural beat generator Alpha Trainer Stress Buster, Stress Buster Deluxe, Chi Swing, Foot Shaker and
Chi Energizer.  Prices range from only $99.00 and up!
Far Infra Red Saunas, Lamps & Mats  Laser Therapy
Far Infrared Saunas - TDP Lamps, Mats, Led Therapy & more Terra Quant Low Level Laser Therapy - for professional or home
Air Purifiers - Negative ions & Ozone Health and Beauty Products
Ozone / Ion Air Purifiers for home or office.  Three models Green Super-Foods, Anti-oxidants, Health & Beauty Products
Chi-onizer - wearable negative air ion generator

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